Stay Stylish With These Amazing Handbags!

Stay Stylish With These Amazing Handbags!

Byanuradhaon19 Jul 2019Digital Editor

Just like wearing the right outfit, carrying the perfect handbag is also very important to complete your look. With some amazing designs and colours, ladies have many options available these days. It won't be wrong to say that handbags have become an important part of the lifestyle shopping category. The handbag market in India has undergone a constant transition and now, it has become a little difficult to pick the right one due to endless brands available in the market.

If you are also planning to buy a handbag then you have come to the right place. Below is the list of some amazing and super stylish handbags that you can buy:


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Undoubtedly, this is one of the most popular handbag brands that produce quality handbags at affordable prices. It was founded in 1990 by Nina Lekhi. Baggit handbags are available in vibrant colours, stylish designs and different sizes. If you are looking for the fashion accessory that can suit different occasions then this one is for you.


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Keeping in mind the thinking of the 21st-century women, the brand launched its first bag collection in 2010. From slings, hobos, box bags to clutches & wallets, Lavie offers a plethora of styles for every fashionista out there. If you want to up your style game then Lavie handbags are perfect for you.


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The brand offers eye-catching shades and is inspired by the Italian’s love for fashion. The designs represent today’s urban woman. From professional handbags for business events to eye-popping chic designs for casual outings, the brands have handbags available for every occasion.

Da Milano

1MG-Lido Mall
Photo from 1MG-Lido Mall

With an experience of more than six decades, Da Milano is one of the trust-worthy handbag brands for fashion lovers. The Indian brand has an international appeal. Da Milano provides products that are a perfect blend of quality and stylish designs.


Faari's Designer Hub
Photo from Faari's Designer Hub

This global fashion brand was founded in 1978 by Dilip Kapur. It offers high-quality leather bags and is perfect for those want long-lasting, durable yet stylish products. Don't think twice before adding this to your handbags collection.

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