Yaar Above Pyaar! 5 Reasons Friendship Is Better Than Being In A Relationship!

Yaar Above Pyaar! 5 Reasons Friendship Is Better Than Being In A Relationship!

By Anuradha on 17 Jul 2019
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Friend or boyfriend? Girls often lend themselves to situations when they are forced to choose between these two important people. Some think that love is above everything as they swear by tujh mein rab dikhta hai. However, those who have real friends know that your boyfriend can never take your best friend's place. Love is beautiful in the beginning but later, khichkich, social media issues and many things make it suffocating. Love demands adjustment and changes whereas friends accept you the way you are.


From gossiping to giving some serious life goals, friends give us the comfort to share everything with them. Here's why we think that friendship is better than being in a relationship.

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A relationship has certain rules and regulations like you have to call your partner every day regardless of your mood. However, friends don't have such demands. It doesn't matter even if you don't do it for days because things feel the same whenever you catch up.

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When you are dating someone, you try hard to impress your partner. From going to the gym to donning hot outfits, girls have done it all just to compliments their boyfriend. However, friends don't care if you are ugly, skinny or fat. They love the way you are.

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Friends give honest opinions. They want to let you know the truth despite you not liking it. When it comes to a relationship, in order to avoid fights, people often sugarcoat their words or try to be diplomatic.

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Those who have been in relationships know that breakups are part of life. Boyfriends come and go but friends stay forever. They offer you a shoulder to cry on, listen to your sob stories and stop you from going back to that wrong guy.

So, yaar will always be above pyaar. If you are also blessed with some amazing friends then share this article with them and don't forget to thank them for being awesome.

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