7 Essential Tips You Should Keep In Mind After You Get A Tattoo!!

7 Essential Tips You Should Keep In Mind After You Get A Tattoo!!

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By kashish on 19 Jul 2019
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Getting tattoo on your body is serious decision but it is equally thrilling. It not the actual process of getting inked that is main but the care it requires once its all done is extremely important. The moment you decide to get inked you should always make sure to learn about the best ways and methods to take care of the tattoo and skin. The aftermath of getting a tattoo is the healing stage where the skin requires loads of attention and attentiveness to avoid any problems that can be caused due to the sensitivity of the skin.


Once you get inked it is the moment when your healing starts and the process takes few days. Freshly tattooed skin is delicate and sore so you need to be extremely cautious about it. Take a look at some of the important tips that we share with you. These tips will help you to know about the right way on how to take care of your tattoos skin in the best way possible.

Do not fidget or try to remove the bandage earlier than necessary.

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Once your tattoo is done, the tattoo artist covers slathers that part of skin with anti bacterial ointment and covers it with bandage. The tattoo is going to stay with you life long and you will get loads of opportunities to show it off therefore it is suggested to avoid trying to remove the bandage or fidget with it.

Clean your tattoo and the delicate skin around it delicately and very gently.

Once you have removed your bandage it is suggested that you clean it. To do so make sure to use lukewarm water and dab the area with tissue. Avoid using towel or rubbing the area harshly. It can cause your skin to break and chances of infections also get increased.

Allow your skin to breathe.


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Do not cover your tattooed skin with bandage or tight clothes. Allow your skin to rest and breathe. Make sure you tattooed area doesn't rub against any cloth or surface. While sleeping make sure to avoid putting pressure over the area.

Use clean hands to touch your tattoo.

During the process of healing, the tattoo requires to be frequently cleaned. Therefore always make sure that use touch you tattoo with clean hands to avoid infection or other skin problems.

Make sure to keep water away from your tattooed area.

When the tattoo is healing it is recommended to keep it away from water for most parts. Avoid taking long showers, soak in bath or swimming. Moisture can cause the skin to get infected. Avoid working out as well because you do not want the sweat to roll down on your tattooed skin.

Do not fidget with the flakey skin when tattoo is healing.

When tattoos heals the skin tends to develop flakes and scabs. Do not worry it is the part of healing process but you must avoid picking the flakes or scabs. Let the skin heal itself. Picking or fidgeting will only cause the skin to heal slowly and will be painful for you.

Do not expose tattoo under sunlight.

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Avoid exposing tattooed area under sunlight for few days. Not only sunlight is harmful for sore skin but it also causes the tattoo to fade. Cover your tattoo with some cloth for apply sunscreen before you leave your house.


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