Top 4 Beauty Tips For The Rainy Season

Top 4 Beauty Tips For The Rainy Season

BySamprita on 19 May 2021 Senior Digital Editor

Gone are those days when we were irritated with the hot sweaty weather. Monsoon is here finally but don't you think everything has a bad side to it too. No matter how much we enjoy getting drenched in rain, we might just have to stay prepared for the other issues that come up with it such as humidity. It is essential to take care of your hair and skin in the monsoon as well since excessive humidity can be quite troublesome.

We have gathered some hacks for you to keep in mind for this season so that you can stay fresh and beautiful all day long.  Moisturising and nourishing is the key

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These two are the most important steps of your beauty regime. It is equally necessary to provide food to your skin in the monsoon. You can opt for facial oils and hydrating face masks for the skin. And for your hair, you can opt for argon/olive oil or homemade hair masks for dealing with dry and frizzy hair. Apply hair masks with eggs and honey, once a week to get frizz-free shiny hair. Go easy with your eye makeup-

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We girls are very fond of eye makeup but monsoon is probably not the time to rock them. Instead of heavy eyes, we suggest you opt for a simple winged liner or a kohl pencil on the bottom line. It is also recommended that you apply tons of mascara if you wish to add that extra drama to your eyes. Waterproof mascara is a must-have beauty product in the monsoon so go as heavy as you want. Say NO to hair styling products-


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Avoid heavy styling products for your hair as they can weigh down your hair. However, if you wish to style your hair it is advisable that you use a hair serum or a few drops of coconut oil. For styling your hair in monsoon it is always suggested to rock a French braid or a high messy bun. Makeup for the win-

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Makeup melting down your face is definitely what you want right? To spare you that horror, it is best that you use waterproof/lightweight makeup like BB/CC cream instead of a heavy foundation. BB or CC creams give you enough coverage with sun protection for the whole day ahead. You can also keep a face mist with you for some extra hydration when needed. Also for some extra pop of colour and the trick for the season is to stick with bright colour lipstick shades.


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