Top 10 Bridal Makeup Artists To Solve Your Wedding MAKEUP Woes

Top 10 Bridal Makeup Artists To Solve Your Wedding MAKEUP Woes

By kashish on 03 Aug 2018
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When it comes to weddings, festivals and parties every girl is looking for a makeup artist. Nobody can understand better than a party girl the need for a perfect wing of eyeliner or the importance of looking flawless both on and off the flash, better than a bride. As an amateur, we don't understand the importance of perfectly baking our face or blending our eyeshadow. The little tricks and tips from professionals can do amazing wonders and so here is the list of country's top 10 wedding makeup artist that can make you look like the princess you really are on your Big Day.

  1. Mickey Contractor-

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    Nobody can be better than the bossman himself. Not only he is the director of makeup artistry MAC but he also a well-known celebrity makeup artist. From Kareena Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Aishwarya Rai to Neeta Ambani, the man has wokred with every elite client in the town. With his own MAC capsule and years of experience, without a doubt, this man can make any bride look flawless as ever.

  2. Ojas Rajani-

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    Ojas Rajani makes the brides look stunning on their big day. She is a professional makeup artist and has worked with many celebrities. She is an expert in the field of bridal makeup, photo shoots and films. She hails from Mumbai but doesn't minds travelling to the venue to make her brides look more gorgeous than ever.

  3. Chandni Singh-

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    Hailing from Delhi, Chandni is the true epitome of a professional makeup artist. She is known for her natural and effortless base makeup looks. She is extremely talented and she also owns her few makeup institutes. She is fomous for her beautiful makeup looks without heavy makeup lathering. She doesn not travel to venues for makeup. She is also one of those talented makeup artists who does not burn whole in your pockets with their expensive charges.

  4. Ambika Pillai-

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    Ambika Pillai is one of the most renowned makeup artists in the country. She has various salons and bridal studios in Delhi and Mumbai. She ha worked for amazon fashion week and with quiet a large number of celebrities.  Even though she has a small army of junior makeup artists, Ambika is a hard one to grab and therefore prior booking are required to get beautiful bridal transformation from the lady herself.

  5. Namrata Soni-

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    Graduated from Delamar Univerity in London, Namrata Soni has a degree in prosthetics and casual makeup. The talented makeup artist has worked and excelled in every field- from photoshoots to movies to celebrities. Namrita not only transforms the celebrities into real life fairies but she also makes her brides look jaw-dropping. She can be contacted through her website and booked months priorly.

  6. Daniel Bauer-

    wedmegoodPhoto from wedmegood

    Daniel is master in creating stunning looks for red carpets to movie promotionals to magazine covers. He has worked with the likes of Priyanka Chpora, Deepika Padukone and Kangna Ranaut. Insipte of his busy schedule Daniel manages to create time for working his magic on some of his brides. He is known to work on 20 brides a year at minimum and with experience in his hands the guys does know his tools at best.

  7. Elton J Fernandez-

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    Elton has worked for Aditi Rao Haydari, Alia Bhatt and Mayebelline squad at the Amazon Fashion Week. Extremely talented at his work Elton brings energy on the spot and creates awe-worthy looks for his bride.

  8. Aaliya Baig-

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    Trained from some of the international masters like Huda Kattan and Mario Dedivanovik, Aaliya has managed to change the aspect of bridal makeup in Hyderabad. Aaliya takes her inspiration from the royalty like Nizams and does wonders on her brides. Aaliya has managed to gain an immense amount of success and popularity within a short period of time making her is one of the most popular makeup artists in the country with a large number of followers on social media.  You won't be able to observe her doing wonders if you do not book her advance, months before the wedding.

  9. Abhijit Chanda-

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    Abhijit is the master of Bengali brides and has worked with a large number of Tollywood celebrities. He is known for creating customize makeup looks for every single of his bride. He has worked with over 2500 brides is always booked during wedding seasons. For Abhijit to create his magic on you, you need to make an advance booking up to eight months prior.

  10. Swati Verma-

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    Swati Verma is known for transforming her brides into flawless beauties on their The Day. She is extremely talented and is known for her airbrushing and complex eye makeup techniques. Swati spares no changes and uses extremely high-end products on her brides. She hails from Delhi but frequently keeps on travelling to different venues for her brides.

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