Here Are 7 Major Korean Makeup Brands That Can Help Achieve Amazing Looks Like Your Favourite K-Pop Star!

Here Are 7 Major Korean Makeup Brands That Can Help Achieve Amazing Looks Like Your Favourite K-Pop Star!

By kashish on 14 Jun 2019
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Korean Beauty and Skincare products have managed to create an uproar in the world. They are ruling the world of beauty and people cannot seem to get enough of them. With intense marketing techniques and making K-pop celebrities endorse their brands, the Korean beauty companies have managed to create a huge market for their products and the cherry on the cake is the fact these products have amazing effect and they serve their purpose the best among the competitors, just makes people wanting them more.


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The wide variety of makeup products just calls out to all the customers. The innovative products formulated with extensive R&D and eye catching packaging are hard to ignore and worth every single purchase. The array of makeup products all these Korean brands bring out  for their customers just gets everyone drooling. The fact that all these different purchases tend to confuse the consumers is true but the fact that we have amazing inspirations (makeup bloggers, celebrities, models, actors, etc) to create different makeup looks makes every purchase an investment.

Seeing the wide market Korean Makeup Brands have developed in India in very small period of time, led us to research some of the best K-brands that are available in India and you must include them in your kitty if they have got your attention, just like ours!


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Korean company Amore Pacific launched their brand Innisfree in year 2000. The brand is 100% natural and their products are made up with the extracts from natural plants that not only give desired results but also help the skin to recover from all the past damage. Their skincare range is already well established and a huge hit among their audience followed by it the company took launched some modern day cometic capsules that include lip tints, eyebrow pencils, nail paints, compacts, CC creams, etc.

All these makes products are priced at a very affordable cost and are definitely worth investing.


Etude House

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Etude House is a Korean makeup brand that bring same joy to all the women as one can receive after listening to the melodious tunes of Chopins. Etude House is the one stop destination for all the girls who want to look glamorous and make statements with their looks. The wide range of makeup products with their amazing pigmentation and long lasting qualities are to die for.

Priced at affordable range, the makeup products from Etude House should definitely be in your kitty.


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Missha is a Korean based skincare and makeup company that has its audience spread all over the world. The company offers wide range of makeup products for both men and women. It is popularly know for creating amazing and pocket-friendly dupes of makeup products from high-end and luxurious brands. If you are a person who loves to play with colours and different style then Missha will be a treat for you.



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TonyMoly came under limelight for its colourful and cartoons inspired packaging along with its over whelming range of makeup products. The brand won its audience when the products turned out to be fabulous because of their formula. Be it lipsticks, cheek tints, perfume,e bars, etc every single product lasts for long period of time and they glide across the skin like butter. So one swipe is all you will need. The best part is the fact none of the makeup products by the company will put a dent in your bank account. So if you want to dive head first into the world of Korean amazingness then TonyMoly is your heaven.

Nature Republic

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Nature Republic is another one of Korean Beauty World's gift to the world. As the name suggests the brand is inspired by and based on nature. Its products are 100% natural and are developed after extensive research for the best results. The brand has arrays of makeup capsules that have everything for everyone. You will never be disappointed with the products, options or the end results. It will be a crime to not invest in some amazing makeup products from the brand.


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Peripera is an award winning brand for all the trendy women out there. It is known all across the world for its innovative makeup products that will leave you in an awe. Their different range of lip tints are one of the most Instagrammed product in the world. Not only mere mortals like us but even the K-pop celebrities and celebrities around the world cannot get enough of the amazing makeup line by the brand. It will be extremely sad if your makeup vanity will not have amazing and affordable products from Peripera in it.


Pony Effect

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Pony Effect is another one of the master piece By K-Beauty. The brand was launched by Memebox company in collaboration with famous Korean makeup blogger Park. The brand since its launch has been huge hit for its array of modern makeup products for everyone. You can create numerable looks using different products from the company and not once the effects or the end result will disappoint you. You can take inspiration from Park and create your own personal looks with the products.


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