7 Amazing Body Scrubs For Soft, Smooth And Rejuvenated Skin

7 Amazing Body Scrubs For Soft, Smooth And Rejuvenated Skin

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By Anuradha on 12 Jul 2019
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To look beautiful, your body needs a separate skincare routine. As the temperature is soaring, tanning is the common problem that girls are facing. Along with it, other factors like dust and pollution also make your skin dull. Thus, to get rid of these problems, it is extremely important to exfoliate your skin. Regular scrubbing sloughs away dull, dry skin giving you smoother and healthier skin.


Various brands are selling some best body scrubs to give you satin-smooth skin that you’ve always wanted. If you are confused because of so many options, we have made a list to help you out.

The Body Shop

Makeup for eternityPhoto from Makeup for eternity

This gel-textured body scrub consists of real rose petals. Exfoliating feels exquisite with this product as it melts effortlessly on to the skin making it softer.  For best results, you can use this scrub for 2-3 times a week.

Price- Rs 1195

Forest Essentials Body Polisher Sandalwood & Turmeric

Indian Makeup and Beauty BlogPhoto from Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog


It is formulated with sea salt crystals, potent herbs and has nourishing virgin oils. The fragrance of sandalwood will leave you feeling refreshed. The product removes dead cells, re-energizes the skin. This scrub has moisturizing properties as well and the regular usage gives radiant skin.

Price- Rs 2750

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Body Scrub Tube

AlibabaPhoto from Alibaba

It contains cocoa butter, vitamin E, shea butter along with natural exfoliating ingredients to polish the skin. The delicately scented scrub provides intense hydration by melting into the skin.  It is great to de-tan and results in silky, soft and youthful skin.

Price- Rs 720

Natio Wellness Body Scrub 

YouReviewPhoto from YouReview


The product is enriched with pomegranate and apricot seed powder. This scrub gently polishes your body eradicating dead skin cells and giving you silky soft skin. The creamy texture along with a sweet fruity fragrance is perfect to pamper your skin.

Price- Rs 1060

Kama Ayurveda Foot Care Regime

AmazonPhoto from Amazon

This scrub deserves to be a part of your skincare ritual. Along with removing dirt and dead skin, the product is also beneficial in healing cracked heels. Thus, it gives you softer and smoother feet. If you are looking for a quality product then this one is for you.

Price- Rs 1245

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Hawaiian Kukui Scrub

JustmylookPhoto from Justmylook


The scrub consists of Hawaiian kukui nut oil, an array of natural oils and other materials as well. It exfoliates leaving the skin smooth and thoroughly pampered. The products of this brand are free from chemicals. Give it a try and we assure that you won't be disappointed.

Price- Rs 836

Neutrogena Body Clear Body Scrub

Beauty GardenPhoto from Beauty Garden

It contains salicylic acid which is perfect to cure acne. The scrub removes dead skin cells and prevents breakouts. It hydrates and exfoliates your skin in one go. The product is worth the price tag.

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