7 Expensive Chocolates That Will Make Your Mouth Water

7 Expensive Chocolates That Will Make Your Mouth Water

By Anuradha on 01 Aug 2019
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Are you a chocolate lover? Well, who isn't? If you can’t control yourself when you hear the word chocolate then you surely have an unmatched fetish for it. It just takes a minute to fall in love with these delicious things. Along with satisfying your taste buds, it also acts as an antidepressant. Some of the best companies in the world have been making chocolates for the past so many years and have set a strong foot in the Indian market.


It won't be wrong to say that falling in love with chocolates is much better than loving a guy. These are sweet, satisfy your cravings and have no problem with you being commitment-phobic.

So, here's the list of some popular chocolates that you can try next time you have a craving.

Ferrero Rocher 

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With millions of people across the globe investing money on it, Ferrero Rocher is considered as one of the best chocolate brands. The company has been producing chocolates for over 200 years. It consists of hazelnut chocolate, milk chocolate, and chopped hazelnuts. As these are wrapped in golden foil, it becomes the best gift for your loved ones.


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The American company has established a secure place in the Indian market. With more than 80 brands around the world, some of its iconic ranges include Hershey's Kisses, Hershey's chocolate bars, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Reese's Pieces and more. In 2016, the brand launched Brookside in India. It is dark cocoa-rich chocolate with exotic fruit flavours.


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It is one of the top chocolate producing companies in the world. Toblerone is known for triangular prism shape and nougat-rich chocolate contents. The original one is the combination of cocoa, nougat, almonds, and honey. Other variants of Toblerone include Snowtop, Honeycomb crisp, OneByOne and more.

Lindt & Sprüngli

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The brand was originated in Zürich, Switzerland. It is known for producing the greatest white chocolate. The brand uses only milk and granular ingredients to produce chocolates that can satisfy your taste buds. Well, you can never say no to Lindor truffle. It has a hard chocolate shell with a smooth chocolate filling and is available in other flavours as well. 



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This Belgian company was founded in 1926 and is considered a high-class brand. Godiva gift baskets are loved by many because of its signature Gold Ballotin packaging. Apart from chocolates, Godiva also produces chocolate liqueur, chocolate-covered snack, truffles and more.


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If you love chocolates then the brand deserves to be on your list. Instead of plain chocolates, Mars focuses on candy bars and confectioneries. It is responsible for Snickers, Galaxy, Dove and more.


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These are colourful button-shaped chocolates with the letter 'm' printed over it. It tastes amazing. So, if you haven’t tasted it till now, the time has finally come. Give it a try.


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The brand doesn't need any introduction as it has been doing good business in the Indian market for the past so many years, all thanks to its powerful marketing campaigns. It is a chocolate-covered wafer bar that comes in a variety of presentations. It is being globally produced by Nestle. However, in the United States, these chocolates are made under license by H.B. Reese Candy Company, a division of The Hershey Company.

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