5 Major Skincare Tips People With Combination Skin Should Always Keep In Mind!!

5 Major Skincare Tips People With Combination Skin Should Always Keep In Mind!!

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By kashish on 12 Jun 2019
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When doing your skincare routine have you ever noticed that some parts of your skin are extremely dry while some are oily? That case is known to be the case of having combination skin. Dealing with combination skin type is not all easy and can be tricky because different parts of your skin have different needs and its hard to find the skincare products that can serve the purpose for your skin entirely.


The most important way to take care of combination skin is by finding the right balance for your skin and to know how to deal with it. Most of cases of combination skin have observed T-zone to be oily while rest of the face tends to have dry skin. T-zone is the area covered the central part of the face i.e nose, chin and forehead whereas cheeks, jawline and temples tend to be dry. You need to maintain the balance between dry skin zones and oily skin zones while following your skincare routine.

Yes, we known all the information about must be confusing you more but you have no reason to fret for we will share with you some of the important do's and don'ts that each and everyone of you with combination skin should keep in mind.

Do: Exfoliate your face on regularly

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Make a habit to exfoliate your face twice every week. Exfoliating will help in getting rid of all the accumulated dust, dead skin cells and germs from the face thus making skin look radiant and healthy. Also keep in mind to not exfoliate more than two times because it will cause the skin to become over-dry and flakey. Find the most suitable scrub for your skin that gets rid of all the dirt particles all while not making your skin over dry.

Don't: Skip hydrating your skin

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Having combination skin does not gives you the pass to skip your moisturiser. Not using any moisturiser will cause the skin to become even more dry and feel stretchy. Always remember to hydrate your skin properly and it is suggested that you use a moisturiser that is either oil free or has little oil in to avoid making the T-zone of your face excessively oily.

Do: Frequently change your skincare routine

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Skin and its need also changes with weather. Even a little shift in weather can effect your skin to great extent. During winters the skin becomes dry even the t-zone and therefore moisturisers of skin oils are recommended for use, whereas during summer season the skin tend to become excessively, even the dry areas and so using oil free moisturisers with cooling and soothing agents is often recommended.

Don't: Skip using toner

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Toner is an extremely important part of your skincare routine and it must never be skipped. Toner helps in maintaining the Ph balance of the skin,  while getting rid of all the dirt and impurities from the skin and it also shrinks the open pores on the surface of your skin.

Do: Use cocktail of skincare products

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Having combination skin means that you have to deal with two different skin types together. You have to target both the skin types with the most suitable products. Skincare products for dry skin will not work on oily skin and visa versa. Therefore it is important that you have cocktail of products that target all the parts of your skin and give you the best result.


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