7 Expensive Handbags That Every Woman Wants to Own

7 Expensive Handbags That Every Woman Wants to Own

By Anuradha on 12 Jul 2019
Digital Editor

Ladies, your love for handbags is not hidden from anyone. They can never have enough of it and this accessory can never go out of fashion. Handbags are available in a wide spectrum of designs, brands and colours. The most expensive ones become the topic of discussion in every event. Today, many good brands provide some amazing designs of handbags and it gets hard to pick a favourite.

In India, whatever a celebrity wears or uses becomes a style statement. Many Bollywood leading ladies have been spotted carrying expensive handbags at the airports, events or award functions.

Below, we have compiled the list of some high-end handbags that every woman dreams to own.


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The band definitely deserves a place in the list of best designer handbags. Many celebrities have trusted Chanel handbags to up their style quotient. Launched in 1909, it continues to be everybody's favourite. It is said that Chanel conducts a durability test on every bag to ensure that it lasts for years.

Marc Jacobs

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It rose to fame with its exclusive creation – Carolyn Crocodile Handbag. The cost of these handbags may burn pockets but this has never stopped consumers from buying it. Marc Jacobs started his own fashion line after serving Louis Vuitton and became the favourite label of many fashion lovers.


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Along with being popular in the clothing industry, the brand has carved its niche in the handbag market too. The name is enough for ladies to get hands-on it at the earliest. The handbags are available in many colours and designs. These will surely leave you drooling over it.

Louis Vuitton

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This brand has been the epitome of class and elegance for as long as one can remember. Many A-list actresses are often seen using Louis Vuitton handbags. Undeniably, it is one of the most expensive brands of handbags in the world.


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The Italian fashion label is one of the most trusted brands in operation today. A Gucci handbag will surely make a lot of heads turn. The designs are trendy, flamboyant and everything a girl dreams of.


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Dior bags are timeless and highlight modernity. Versatility is one of the reasons ladies like to carry it. It can go well with smart casual, super casual or even formal. In fact, dimpled beauty Alia Bhatt is many times seen carrying handbags of this label.

Ted Baker

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These handbags are perfect to lend style to your look. The designs scream simplicity. So, if you want to complete your look without being over the top then Ted Baker handbags are perfect for you.

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