7 Easy Yet Amazing HairStyles That All College Going Girls Can Make To Spice Up Their Everyday Look!!

7 Easy Yet Amazing HairStyles That All College Going Girls Can Make To Spice Up Their Everyday Look!!

By kashish on 07 Jun 2019
Digital Editor

Every college going girl wants to look her best every single day and why not, there are hundreds of students that are going to stare at you if you look crazy, homeless weirdo with nest like hair or your goth inspired look. The best way to transform oneself without making any major changes in wardrobe or hair and that too without spending money is by making new hairstyles everyday for college. Now you must be thinking about how you barely reach on time to attend the lecture everyday, so how are going to take out time to make a complex hairstyle and be there on time to attend the lecture?!


Well, do not fret for we have the ideas to not only help you spicing up your everyday your college look but to make you look pretty in no time at all. Yes, the hairstyles that we are going to tell you are extremely simple and can be done in few minutes, so not only will you look even more gorgeous but you will also be able to impress people with your punctuality. Take a look at those amazing hairstyles that are going to make you look no less than a princess every single day.

Half Updo Bun

pinterestPhoto from pinterest

This chic hairstyle is for all the late runners and lazy-bums out there who want to look fashionable without much efforts.

Just tie your half hair in a loose pony and twist them around the band and secure the bun with pins and voila, you are ready to rock and roll.

Messy Side Braid

StyleskinnerPhoto from Styleskinner


The most basic and easiest hairstyle that can make you look prettiest without taking much of your time.

Comb your hair and pull them on a side. Braid them in the loose manner, twist them in the middle, criss cross them to make them look more messy and pull some strings out of the braid once it is secured with a band. Your messy braid is ready.

Sleek Ponytail

DailyedgePhoto from Dailyedge

Take some inspiration from Ariana and make your simple t-shirt and jeans looks super classy with sleek pony.

Comb your hair properly and secure them tightly on the top of your head with a band. Spray some hair setting spray on your brush and use it to settle all the baby hair to make your hair look sleek. Work straightener though your ponytail to straighten your wild mane and you are ready.

Front-Side Braid

ClosetcouturePhoto from Closetcouture


All you need to do is to put a little efforts and voila you will have a beautiful looking hairstyle in no time.

Comb your hair and part them from the middle. Take your hair from the parting and start to braid them from the one side and secure the braid at the back of your head.  You can do it on just one side4 and if you have some free time then you can braid on both the sides and you are ready to start your day with some funky hairstyle.

Messy High Bun

PinterestPhoto from Pinterest

Buns never disappoint they work well with every outfit and for every occasion.

Comb your hair and collect them in your hands like making a pony. Start twisting them high on top of your head and rotate them in circle to make a bun. Secure them with bobby pins and take out some strands of hair from the front and voila you messy high bun is ready.

Front Twist

StylesatlifePhoto from Stylesatlife

Its good to look girl next door once in awhile and the front twist will just make look even more adorable than usual.

Comb your hair and part them from the middle. Take the hair from one side and start twisting them as you go back. Secure the twisted hair at the back and you are ready for the day.

Multi-Tied Braid

LionessebeautybarPhoto from Lionessebeautybar

Give a new look to your regular ponytail with some bands.

Make a regular pony and keep on tying the bands at different distance as you go down and voila, you multi tied pony is ready.

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