Latheesha Ansari With Rare Bone Disease Gives UPSC Exam With An Oxygen Cylinder & She Is Our Wonder Woman!

Latheesha Ansari With Rare Bone Disease Gives UPSC Exam With An Oxygen Cylinder & She Is Our Wonder Woman!

By Samprita on 03 Jun 2019
Senior Digital Editor

While the rest of the world is struggling with Monday blues, meet Latheesha Ansari a young woman who has proved that if we have determination, nothing can stop us from achieving our goal. While we are still wondering about all the things that are holding us back to grow in life we have found our wonder woman!


Latheesha, a 24-year-old IAS aspirant is breaking boundaries in spite of her rare bone disorder. She travelled from Kottayam in Kerela to the capital city to give her UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exam in a wheelchair with an oxygen cylinder. Lateesha was diagnosed with type II Osteogenesis Imperfecta’, (brittle bone disease) at birth, which obstructed her from appearing in the exams in the last two years.

She has been suffering from pulmonary hypertension for a year which requires her to have external oxygen support at all times. And, we salute this woman for her will power and courage that nothing could stop her from missing her chance this year.

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To support Latheesha's dream of writing the civil services exams, Kottayam District Collector PR Sudheer Babu decided to provide her with a portable oxygen concentrator for free. " I desperately need portable oxygen support because I have to move around taking competitive examinations. I have completed my education and need to work. I take motivation classes. I cannot stay inside the house all day clinging onto heavy oxygen cylinders," Latheesha told leading news channel.

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Latheesha had been preparing for the exam for a year and a half. She was escorted by her father, who carried her to the examination hall. Her parents were worried about the situation and shared, " "We spend around Rs. 25,000 per month for Latheesha's medical and supportive care, which includes the use of oxygen cylinders round the clock. There are many loans to repay too because we keep borrowing from well-wishers." She has completed her post-graduation degree in Commerce and chose Malayalam as her optional subject for the IAS exam.

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Another student who took the exam despite the odds was Shehin, who suffers from rheumatic arthritis and was born with delayed motor skills. Shehin went to write the exam on crutches in Trivandrum and we are so touched. He is working as a commentator for inter-collegiate cricket matches currently and aspires to become an IAS officer.

We are moved and inspired by the stories of people who dream big and can ace all the difficulties with hard work!


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