5 Weight Loss Treatments That You Need To Bookmark Right Now For Healthy Lifestyle!!

5 Weight Loss Treatments That You Need To Bookmark Right Now For Healthy Lifestyle!!

By kashish on 28 May 2019
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These days the common problem that major percentage of population goes through is dealing with excessive fat and being over weight. It is the problem of people in all age groups. Sometimes its not all due to diet but due to genetics and body sculpture. No amount of workout or years worth of diet is able to help in reducing weight or excessive body fats. It can be pretty discouraging and causes people to loose their self esteem. 


At this era when everything is highly dependent on technology why do we have to leave behind our wellness and healthy lifestyle then! When all these natural ways of reducing weight or body fats don't work, we can express our gratitude to the advance technology through which different methods of reducing body fats have developed and the best part is that no surgery is required for it. Seeing as it is extremely important to be healthy for living a long life it is important to stay fit and it can now be achieved without getting any surgery or going through any painful procedure.

All the advance technology has given rise to some of the best treatments that help in reducing the excessive fat from the body and loosing weight. These treatments are safe, non surgical and the results are visible in no time. These treatments not only improve the body shape but they also effect the health as well. These procedures take place with the help of some extremely amazing equipments and take a few sessions for fully effecting the body.

Today we will share with you some of these amazing treatments that can help you in being the best and healthy version of yourself. Also we will let you know from where you can get these procedures done.

Laser Lipo

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After being an immense success in European nation this treatment has managed to reach India as well. Laser lipo is a fat loss procedure which neither requires incisions nor injections. It is a painless and effective treatment that is done with the help of radio frequency and laser. It is extremely effective and helps in reducing excessive body fats and body weight.  This treatment targets the areas (belly, back, thighs, etc) and slowly breaks down all thew fats from the area. The treatment is extremely comfortable and the best part is it won't burn hole in your pockets or put any dent in your bank account.

It is fairly new procedure launched in the market therefore it is only available in American Pain & Weight Loss Clinic in New Delhi.


Cool Sculpting

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cool Sculpting is an innovative procedure to reduce weight and body fat. It is highly advance and the results are visible in just two weeks. This state of art technology gets rid of all the body fats by freezing them. It also prevents the body from further developing the fats again. It reduces upto 30 percent of the body fat from the targeted area. It is a non invasive procedure  and is not at all painful or sensitive. It helps the body to be contoured in the best shape and the results are similar to traditional weight loss method, ie loss in inches and reduced weight.

You can know more about this procedure and get it done in the nearest VLCC centres around you.

Body Contouring 

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Body contouring is a non surgical procedure that helps in transforming body and brining it to its best shape. No needles or cuts are required in the procedure and therefore it is more desirable to liposuction or any other surgical process. This process has various methods but the best one RF Contouring that uses radio frequency and heat to break down the fat at the targeted area by delivering small micro currents. It also tightens the skin and improves skin quality.

To know more about this procedure or to get it done you can inquire at National Skin Clinic.


Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

It is the new fetched weight  loss procedure that has arrived in the market and is already being loved by many. This process reduces the fat in the targeted area without any surgery through endoscopic suturing. The procedure is not at all complicated and holds no risk. It also reduces the risk of suffering from any kind of heart disease, thus helping you in maintain healthy and well lifestyle.

Since it is fairly new, it is not available at every place but to know more about it you can contact the specialist in Apollo Hospital.


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Cryolipolysis is the new easiest, quickest and fastest way to get rid of body fats from the area of desire. It is not at all complicated, requires no risk and the results are visible in just two weeks. The radio frequency used blasts off the fat cells making the skin tight and firmer around the area. It also helps in reducing wight and no diet is required for it.

This procedure is available at NidSun Clinic in New Delhi.


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