3 Amazing Benefits Of Beer For Soft & Shiny Hair

3 Amazing Benefits Of Beer For Soft & Shiny Hair

By Samprita on 13 Mar 2023
Senior Digital Editor

A glass of chilled beer is all you need in summer while you plan to chill with your buddies! But did you know this beverage can also be used to get healthy and glossy hair? Here's why you need to save some beer for the good of your hair and try and include it in your hair care routine!


Boost of vitamins

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Well, we know you'd be surprised after reading this but it is very much true that beer has the power to promote hair growth. Beer consists of healthy hair-boosting vitamins like silica, magnesium, copper and iron that promote hair growth. The yeast present in beer plays an important role in plumping the hair cuticles which in return gives your hair a bouncy and voluminous look.


Goodbye breakage

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Along with promoting hair growth, beer is perfect for people who have been suffering from hair loss/breakage for a while now. It is because beer contains proteins that nourish your hair and ensures that heating tools or any other external products don't damage it. Moreover, the sucrose and maltose in beer help in tightening hair cuticles and gives you gorgeous lustrous locks.


Dandruff ka the end

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Summers bring excessive humidity in the air and with more product buildup your hair can quickly become a victim of dandruff issues. There is where beer comes in for your hair rescue since beer has got anti-bacterial properties that can help in getting rid of any kind of scalp problems like itchiness or dandruff. Moreover, alcohol is a great cleansing agent for your hair.

Don't forget to save yourself a bottle of beer the next time. Try washing your hair with it once a week and let us know how do you like it!


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