#PrettyinPINK: 7 Amazing & Affordable Lipsticks You Must Invest For Pretty PINK Pout!!

#PrettyinPINK: 7 Amazing & Affordable Lipsticks You Must Invest For Pretty PINK Pout!!

By kashish on 23 May 2019
Digital Editor

Every season starts with a blast of colour that becomes the latest trend and rages all over, but Pink is the one colour that remains classic. It needs no special occasion or season to become a part of your wardrobe or vanity.  When you think about summers like frosty, cotton candies, popsicles, lemonades, beautiful flowers; pink is definitely the colour that pops around a lot. If pink is such an important part of our lives why not wear it on lips as well.


Lipsticks are available in various shades but pink remains the classic. If you re not a fan of bold colours because duh, everybody stares at you or you don't like nudes because they make you look awkward and cannot apply red because its too dark and too bright ( even though we will beg to differ) then pink is definitely the lip shade you are looking for. It can worn at any time of the day and is suitable for every occasion. It looks classy and elegant.

Being said all that, the question is which lipstick to buy since there are so many brands in the market with infinite range of pink colours? Well, fret no to solve your problem and give you ideas we share with you a list of some of the most amazing and affordable pink lipsticks that will be worth your money.

Maybelline- Hooked On Pink 

chamberofbeautyPhoto from chamberofbeauty

This super pigmented pink lipstick by Maybelline is one of the best in entire collection. It is a ruby pink shade that will be wonderful for summer days. It can be worn as light tint as well as full blown shade. This long lasting shade is a must in your makeup vanity and the best part is that it is available at reasonable price.

Mac- Pink Pigeon

depopPhoto from depop


Pink Pigeon by Mac is one of the smoothest and creamiest shade even though it is matte. It is a bright pink shade that can last for hours and looks amazingly well. Just one swipe and you are ready to start your day. It does not dry your lips and can be used with gloss for extra layer of sheen.

Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick- Stormy Pink

depopPhoto from depop

Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Stormy Pink Lipstick is wonderful shade of pink with purple undertone. It is super pigmented and can be build as per requirement. Even though it is deemed as matte it has satiny finish to it and can be worn throughout the day. It is long-lasting and does not bleed at all.

Nykaa Matte- Sinful Blush

wantitallPhoto from wantitall

Sinful Blush by Nykaa is one of the best lipstick in the market. It glides across your lips effortlessly and gives your lips beautiful pink tone. The intense colour and rich pigment makes your lips look gorgeous. One stroke is all you need and you are ready to rock and roll. It is long lasting and is available at extremely low cost.

Colorbar- Pink Hunt


laceyourbeautyPhoto from laceyourbeauty

ColourBar Pink Hunt lipstick is highly recommended to all. It is a dark pink colour with the tones of purple. It is super pigmented and long lasting. You don't need to scrub it on your lips, just one swipe will be more than enough. It does not bleed neither does it make your lips look dry and flakey. It is available easily and at affordable price.

Lakme Absolute- Lush Rose

sphtomPhoto from sphtom

Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Lush Rose is a bright pink li[pstick that will make you look gorgeous. It has extremely luxurious formula that includes Moroccan Argan Oil and will not only hydrate your lips but will also give silky and smooth finish to them. It is long lasting so it saves you the trouble of touching up in every few hours and is super pigmented so you won't find the need to swipe it multiple times across your lips.

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection- Blake's Pink

indianmakeupandbeautyblogPhoto from indianmakeupandbeautyblog

L'Oreal Paris's Blake Pink is a beautiful pink colour with the undertones of orange. It is one of the best lipshade for your summer look as it gives more or less coral finish. It has finely milled pink shimmers that create shiny tint on your lips. The formula is super rich and creamy and does not makes your lips look dry. It can last for long period and comes at pocket friendly cost.


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