This Gujarati Man Had A Grand Wedding But No Bride And The Internet Is Touched By His Emotional Story!

This Gujarati Man Had A Grand Wedding But No Bride And The Internet Is Touched By His Emotional Story!

By Samprita on 15 May 2019
Senior Digital Editor

Ajay Barot's story is going viral on the internet and the reason has brought tears to our eyes. This 27-year-old wanted to have a lavish wedding for himself, with all the preparations that complete the festivities. His family decided to throw him a wedding completed with the band, baaja and baarat. The wedding took place on 10th May in the Champlanar village in Gujrat.


However, the sole reason why his wedding happens to be a unique one is that it had no bride. His family during an interview told a leading news channel that it was extremely difficult for them to find an ideal match for their son Ajay. The reason behind is the fact that he is differently-abled, however, they still wanted to make his dream of having a wedding come true.

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My son was diagnosed with a learning disability and lost his mother at an early age. He used to enjoy the wedding procession of other people and asked us about his wedding. We were unable to answer his question as it was not possible to find a match for him," Ajay's father, Vishnu Barot said while talking about the wedding he organised for his dearest son.

"After talking to my family members, I decided to arrange a wedding procession for him so he feels like his wedding is being held and his dream comes true. I am very happy that I fulfilled my son's dream without thinking about what society would say," he added.

Ajay's younger sister revealed that the family did it all to see Ajay happy and give him something that he has always dreamt of. "My brother was lucky that his family supported his wish. We all are happy for him. We did not want to hurt anyone's emotion, it was just to see him thrilled with joy as he is very dear to us," she said.

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According to Ajay's uncle, Kamlesh Barot, the wedding rituals were held as per the Gujrati traditions in the presence of a priest with proper wedding invitations being sent to relatives and this is the sweetest thing we have seen so far. The relatives danced with joy has Ajay got on the horse and made his way to his own wedding ceremony. Kamlesh during the interview with the news channel said,  "He never misses any wedding in our village. After seeing my son's marriage in February, Ajay used to ask us about his wedding. When my brother came up with an idea to fulfil his son's wish, we all stood by him and decided to have his varghodo (wedding procession) like any normal wedding, though a bride was missing here."


This heartwarming gesture by Ajay's family has left us in tears and the tweets about this sweet story are proof that we are not the only ones, feeling the same way.


Thanks to the Barot family for making us feel the warmth of a family!


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