6 Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Mom To Celebrate Mothers Day!!

6 Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Mom To Celebrate Mothers Day!!

By kashish on 10 May 2019
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A mother without a doubt is entire world in one person. Along with being a mother she is also a teacher, a friend, a guide, all wrapped in one. She is the one person without whom we not only would have never existed but without her we can never even live. It is true that we don't need a special day to celebrate someone we love but it won't be wrong in saying that one day to make our loved ones feel even more special cannot be wrong. 


As we all know that Mothers Day is just few hours away and if it skipped your mind or you forgot to buy a present for your mother then you should not fret, thinking about it. No materialistic thing can make mothers as happy as our undivided attention. Just the way during our childhood days the presence of our mothers used to make us feel contend and loved in the similar way we can make our mothers happy justly being there with them and giving them our our attention and love.

Instead of buying an extravagant present for your mother you can spend some quality time with her doing fun activities that will become great memories only to be looked back at some years down the lane. Take a look at what activities you can enjoy with your mothers and make mothers day special for her.

Movie marathon

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Get comfortable in your pyjamas , sit tight, get all the snacks you can find and enjoy movie marathon with your mom. Make sure she likes the movies and be attentive towards her needs. It will be the best way to showcase your love and care towards your mother.

Share  a meal

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Book a table at your mother's favourite restaurant and treat her to a scrumptious meal. Enjoy your lunch/breakfast/ dinner and drinks with her chatting up a storm and basking in the peace and satisfaction that you will achieve by making your mum happy.

Bake together

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Mothers make our life sweeter with their amazing presence and so the best way to enjoy mothers day together is by baking some sweet dishes with her. Baking a cake together or brownies, pies, cookies, etc and enjoy fun in the kitchen all while reminiscing about your childhood days when your mum used to let you help her while in her cooking.

Enjoy a Spa session

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Being a mother is a tiring and never ending job. The best way to enjoy a day with your mother will be by letting her take a break and arranging for a spa session with her to help her relax. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and let all the stress fade away.

Enjoy a Shopping spree

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Mothers or not, women love to shop and so the best way to make you mom happy is by going to a shopping spree with her. Jump from shops to shop and make purchases for each other.  Have fun searching for garments, accessories, footwear and buying them.

Enjoy  Mini Vacation

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Take you mom for a mini vacation. Just two of your and let loose. Go to different places, explore around, enjoy the food, have fun with your mom while adventuring the around the place.


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