7 Surprising Skincare Benefits Of Using POTATOES!!

7 Surprising Skincare Benefits Of Using POTATOES!!

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By kashish on 02 May 2019
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Potatoes are one of the most loved and used vegetable. They are easy to cook with and extremely versatile. Potatoes are full of fibre and starch that makes them not only healthy to eat but beneficial for skincare as well. Yes, its right potatoes are one of the best and natural way to get rid of various skin problems and make your skin clear and healthy.


Our skin is extremely sensitive and has to bare with pollution, dust, makeup, sun, heat, cold, etc and therefore it becomes hard to make sure that skin does not become dull, lifeless and prone to breakouts. Potatoes can be used various forms to absorb all its benefits. You can grate them, use the peels and even it's juice is extremely beneficial for skin. Potato helps in improving skin condition by getting rid of all the skin problems and makes the skin look radiant and spotless.

Take a look at some of the surprising benefits you never knew your skin can reap from potatoes by including them in your skin care routine!

Treats Wrinkles

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Potato helps in slowing down all the signs of ageing. The antioxidant and vitamin c present in the vegetable prevents skin from ageing quickly. You can peel a potato, mash it and apply it on your face for 20 minutes before washing it. Doing that on continuous basis will make your skin look youthful as ever.

Treats puffy eyes & dark circles

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Keeping potato slices on your eyes can help you in two ways. One out helps in getting rid of all the puffiness under the eyes and secondly out helps in reducing dark circles as well.

Gets rid of dark spots

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Potato juice can work wonders on your skin and can help you in getting rid of blemishes, acne scars, pimples, dark spots and discoloured skin. Peel the potato and grate it. Apply the grated potato on your face for 20 minutes and wash it off with cool water. Repeating the process on regular basis will definitely make the results visible.

Helps in reducing tan

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Potato juice it the best and full-proof way to get rid of sun tan. Tanning as we know is quiet stubborn and takes a while to get rid. Using potato juice can help in getting rid of all the tan. Peel and grate a potato and squeeze all the juice out of it and apply it on your tan areas for 20 minutes before washing it. After a few applications you will see your tan getting reduced.

Heals sunburns


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Sun burns can be really painful and ugly. The best way to treat them is by cooling them down with some potato juice. You can either dab the potato juice on the affected areas or you can simply place cool potato slices on the sunburn area for 15-20 minutes everyday to reduce all the inflammation from the skin.

Hydrates the dry skin

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Our skin tends to loose its moisture very easily. It can be due to intense heat and it can be due to harsh cold winds. The best and most natural way to hydrate it is by using potatoes. Just peel and grate a potato and mix the grated potato with some curd and apply it on your skin for 20 minutes. Wash it off with regular water afterwards and you will see radiant and hydrated skin.

Brightens the complexion 

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Potato is known to improve skin complexion. It is an effective skin lightening agent. All you need to do is to regularly apply grated raw potato on your skin. Voila, after sometime you will the difference in your complexion.

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