Thinking Of Colouring Your Hair? Here's How You Can Choose Between Highlights Or Global Colour

Thinking Of Colouring Your Hair? Here's How You Can Choose Between Highlights Or Global Colour

By Samprita on 26 Apr 2019
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If you are a beauty geek you would be aware that there are a plethora of hair colouring techniques trending in the beauty industry right now but only two of them still stay to be as one of the, most tried and tested ones among women. The two categories are Highlights and Global Hair Colour. However, if you are new into hair styling, then you surely would have a ton of questions. The first question being, which one would be the best between the two to flatter your hair and skin.


So, here we are with a few tips that may help you in deciding which one works the best for you!

Always consult a hair expert at the salon

It is always suggested that you get a professional recommendation for a service you are not sure about or you are getting for the first time. The guidance from the hair expert makes it comparatively easier to decide what you want in terms of colour and style. You can always show pictures to the stylist in order to show which colour or style you are exactly looking for He/She can then guide you accordingly. Salon advice will surely help you in opting for the right shade and style.

However, it is important to mention your hair stylist about any hair treatment you have got done in the past. Salon colours are easier on hair but you would want to make sure that it doesn't damage your hair. Right?

Here's why you should go for Highlights-

If you are someone who thinks you have a great colour base of natural hair then you can opt for highlights or also known as streaks. We recommend not to mess up with something which is already great. Don't mess it up furthermore and add some highlights to your hair to enhance the texture.

Your hair stylist should ideally use two different shades from light, medium and dark tones to add tonality and depth to your hair as well as to brighten your complexion.



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Here's why you should opt for Global Hair Colour-
If you think your base hair colour washes out your skin tone then after seeking the required suggestion you can opt for a darker or lighter base colour. People with pale/ olive/ dark skin tones are ideally recommended to have a darker base while people with fairer tones can experiment more with the lighter shades.


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We hope these tips would help you get the ideal hair colour you have been waiting to try out for very long.

Don't forget to tell us about your experience with it!


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