5 Amazing Body Oils That You Can Splurge On, For Radiant & Baby Soft Skin!!

5 Amazing Body Oils That You Can Splurge On, For Radiant & Baby Soft Skin!!

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By kashish on 25 Apr 2019
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It doesn't matter what time of the year it is, one thing that we should do religiously is to moisturise ourselves all year long to get radiant and supple skin. Be it harsh cold winters or scorching summers, our skin tends to get dry easily and to prevent it from getting even more damage we should hydrate our skin by applying body oils. While you can definitely invest in various body lotions available in the market, oils are generally recommended more because they are made up with natural extracts and are more beneficial than body lotions.


There are various benefits of using body oils than just getting radiant and baby soft skin. When applied regularly, body oils prevent the skin from ageing fast, skin tends to get tighten and our stretch marks also get reduced. Being said all that you should definitely invest in some of the best body oils available in the market to enhance your skin texture and its radiance levels. Take a look at some of the best available body oils in the market.

Figaro Body Oil

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Figaro is one of the best selling olive oil brand across the entire nation. Figaro's olive oil not only helps in hydrating the skin while making it look radiant but it also helps in reducing fine lines from the skin and improves it texture.

Other than massaging it on skin directly it is wonderful to add into face packs and body scrubs for exfoliating the skin and getting rid of all the impurities from it. It is easily available in various sizes and at reasonable cost.

Khadi Sandalwood Massage Body Oil

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Khadi is one of the best brand known for its essential oils and other natural products. Brand's Sandalwood massage oil is enriched with the goodness of vitamin-e, sandalwood extracts and even apricot oil. It rejuvenates the skin while nourishing it and makes it glow. Khadi's Sandalwood oil also does improves skin tone and leaves behind sweet and faint smell of sandalwood.

The oil is easy to buy and does not even cost much.

Moroccan Oil Body-Oil

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Moroccan Dry Body oil is known best for its non greasy and easy absorbent qualities. Enriched with the goodness of avocado, olive and Aragon oil, it improves skin texture, makes it baby soft, radiant, helps in getting rid of flakey skin patches and reduces skin inflammation. It seeps into the skin easily and leaves back supple skin.

Oil comes in unusual packing of spray bottle and is little pricey but its definitely worth every dime you spend.

Bio-Oil Body Oil

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Bio oil is of the most popular oil company among women. It works its magic on skin and the results are amazing. Its enriched with various essential oils along with Vitamin A & E. Bio Oil reduces stretch marks, inflammation, darks spots, wrinkles, dryness and makes skin bouncy, cotton soft and radiant.

The results are visible starting from first week of the application and hence is the reason for the product becoming an instant hit just within few months of its launch.

Biotique Bio Avocado Oil

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Biotique is a herbal brand which is know for its natural hair and body care products. Bio Avocado oil by Biotique is just what you need after a long and tiring day. Enriched with the goodness of avocados, the oil helps in relaxing all the sore muscles while making the skin soft and glowing. You can either directly massage it over you skin or you can add its few drops in your bathing water.

You can buy the oil from your nearest supermarket,arkewt or pharmacy at a very reasonable cost.



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