3 Easy Ways To Get Stylish Crimped Waves At Home!

3 Easy Ways To Get Stylish Crimped Waves At Home!

By Samprita on 23 Apr 2019
Senior Digital Editor

If you are a 90's baby, you would know the craze for crimped wavy hair back then! And like it is said, fashion repeats itself, it is time again to embrace the old but gold hairstyle. Crimped hair was the biggest pop hair trend in those years and we spotted it recently on a lot of our favourite Indian television celebrities.


It took off from the 2019 runway and has now made its way into to the stylish hair makeovers of girls. And, to be honest, we don't think it is just a comeback this time. The trend is here to take over the pretty hair styling routines of a ton of ladies.

Just in case, you are wondering what exactly crimpy waves are, then keep reading! Crimped hair is basically ultra-defined textured curls from the root of your hair to the tips and trust us not only they look glam and chic but are also easy-peasy to achieve.

You must try this hairstyle once for yourself to see how amazing it looks! Fret not, we are here to tell you how and believe us it is not at all tough.

So, here are three simple ways to get gorgeous crimped waves at home!

You BRAID girl!

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Cutting out all the extra drama to get the crimpy waves in salons we have a significantly easier way to get them at home, that too without any hassle. Wash your hair and start fresh with frizz-free clean hair. Divide your hair into two halves, starting from above your ears. Then further, divide the two halves into 3-4 sections and braid them tightly till the bottom. Sleep with this overnight and open the braids in the morning and do not brush. Detangle your hair using fingers and spray hair spray to keep it in place.



U-pins are the thing to use

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Well if you don't like braiding your hair or don't know how to start about it. Here's another way to get the perfect stylish hairstyle.  You can also get the crimped waves by using a few U pins. Rush to your mum's drawer and we bet you would definitely see a few of these pins used for buns, lying around here and there. Pick a few and get started! Now, divide your hair into half and then split them into 5-6 sections. Place a U pin near your scalp and take one section of hair and wrap the strand around the two points of the pin. Secure it with a hair tie at the end and repeat this step for all the other sections. Finally, take a flat iron and run it through the hair wrapped around in pins by holding it for 7 seconds. Open your hair once completed and detangle with your fingers.


Flat iron for a salon like look!

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To get the ideal salon like crimped hairstyle, simply grab your hair straightener. Apply a little amount of styling mouse in your hair to hold it in place. Take a small section of your hair and place the flat iron titled inwards. Hold it in place for 5 seconds and slide the iron 1 inch below and tilt the flat iron in the outward direction to get the wavy effect. Keep on sliding it alternatively after ever 1 inch and repeating the same steps, until you reach the tip of your hair. For a daily wear look, you can crimp only one section of your hair. End it with a spritz of hair texturising spray to add shine!


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