5 Major 2019 Nail Paint Trends That You Must Experiment With To Rock Your Manicures!

5 Major 2019 Nail Paint Trends That You Must Experiment With To Rock Your Manicures!

By kashish on 22 Apr 2019
Digital Editor

Just the way trends related to makeup, hair colour, clothes come and go in the similar way there are trends that are for manicures and nail paints. Every year you will notice different type of trend is in for manicures and in the similar way with the start of 2019 a new trend has emerged and  is becoming a rage all across the globe and social media. 


Last year was all about metallic bling and neutral tones whereas this year is all about being playful and experimental. All these trends are inspired from the famous super models who are seen gracing the runways with these amazing manicures that we just cannot get over with. These nail paint trends are the pop of colour that our everyday lives require. They look eye catching and classy.

Take a look at some of the major nail paint trends that will definitely amp your manicure and make your hands look prettiest.

Animal Prints

nailsmagazinePhoto from nailsmagazine

The ever classic animal prints are hot favourite. Animal prints are loved in every form they are available; be it in clothes, manicures, throws, handbags, footwear, etc. You can opt for fairy tiger print stripes or cutes Dalmatian prints. Zebra prints, cheetah prints or scaling, etc every single animal print is trending high. They look eye catching and totally catch attention that you want.

Glittery & Glam

weddingsonlinePhoto from weddingsonline


Inspired from retro era of 90's Glittery and glam nails are back in 2019 to create uproar. They look fabulous and can be easily spotted. They are instant hit. You can rock glitter nails in parties and clubs easily. They reflect your mood to shine and sparkle. They are like a spicy touch to your regular glam.

Soft Grey

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One thing that did not change from last years manicure trend is people's love soft grey hues. Grey colour looks extremely delicate and relaxing. It makes you look classy and adds elegance to your glam.  The best part is that you can rock in grey all year long and therefore it is the best addition to your nail paint range.

Sheer Nails

sangriorgiscoffee.comPhoto from sangriorgiscoffee.com

One manicure look that screams classy and elegance is sheer nail paints. They are soft and look beautiful. You can wear the sheer nail paints for any function, event, meal and even everyday. They look subtle and work well with every attire and are a rage among people. You can easily buy sheer nail paints and enhance your regular manicure.

Mixed Medium Nails

sonalicious.comPhoto from sonalicious.com

Mixed medium nail art is all about different colours, textures and looks. You can simply play with different styles and colours and get the perfect manicure for yourself. Depending upon the colour of the season or occasion you can even mix and match your nails all together to look even more appealing.



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