Enjoy A Bowl Of Super Yummy & Healthy Mango Banana Smoothie On Hot Summer Day!!

Enjoy A Bowl Of Super Yummy & Healthy Mango Banana Smoothie On Hot Summer Day!!

By kashish on 16 Apr 2019
Digital Editor

Given the fact that it is that time of the year that brings not only heat but mangoes as well, the season can be bared. Who doesn't loves mangoes! Such a delicious fruit full of flavours and natural intense sweetness. Its hard to control once we start enjoying it.


People nowadays have started to become fitness freak. They have started paying more attention to their well being and fitness and take note of what all they eat and drink. In-between all the diets and workout routines one thing that most people find hard to control is their love for sweets but the sad news is that consuming sugar or any dessert is a big no while diet. Do not fret for their is always a solution to a problem.

These days when you are scrolling through your Instagram you must notice beautiful bowls filled with colourful smoothie and garnished beautifully. Those bowls look extremely appetising and work of an artist. They are smoothie bowls that are the answer to your sweet tooth. Packed with delicious flavours and enriched with nutrients, these smoothie bowls are just what we are looking for. Also the best part is that you can click Insta-worthy pics and impress all your friends with your new skills.

Smoothie bowls are easy to prepare and require just a few ingredients. They get ready in no time and are extremely healthy. Seeing that it is the season to enjoy mangoes, we'd like to share the recipe of a mouth watering mangoes banana smoothie bowl with you. Take a look.

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1 & 1/2 cup frozen chopped mango pieces
1/2 cup peels and chopped banana
1/4 cup milk (of your choice) or you can also use orange juice
1 teaspoon honey


Put all the ingredients together in your blender and blend them until a thick paste like consistency is achieved. Once done transfer it into small bowl and garnish it with sliced bananas, mangoes wedges, coconut flakes or seeds. Voila!! Your one yummy bowl of happiness is ready to be savoured.



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