6 Major Tips Every Bride-To-Be Must Keep In Her Mind If She Is Getting Married During Summers!

6 Major Tips Every Bride-To-Be Must Keep In Her Mind If She Is Getting Married During Summers!

By kashish on 17 Jun 2021
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The summer season is one of the most wonderful time of the year. It's the perfect time to chill and let loose. Even though it's not a prime season to get married but there are always some daredevils who like to face the challenges. Getting married in the summers can be absolute fun but it is also dreading. Why? Because the intense heat and glaring sun are not much fun or comfortable for that matter and especially towards brides. 

The fact that wedding functions can be done indoors or during the night, summer can be extremely harsh and tends to take away all the fun. Wearing all the heavy embellished outfits, adorned with heavy pieces of jewellery and covered under layers of makeup is not a simple task especially when it is for long hours and in addition to it if it's summer season then god bless and save the bride! Also, the fact that the strong lightings everywhere tend to heat up the surroundings can cause even more suffocation!

Well, to save you from all the worrying and summer wedding stress, we decided to share some super saving tips that will allow you to have a great time and enjoy your wedding to the fullest. Take a look.

Don't leave your hair open

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Al the heat causes people to sweat and open hair tend to stick to the sweaty area and cause irritation. Therefore, the best way to avoid this is by opting for classy and intricate chignons, they not will look classy but also highlight your face more. You can make your regular chignon look regal and pretty by adding different accessories to it or adding beautiful floral arrangements to it.

Go for a lightweight and modest lehenga

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Instead of going for some dark-hued and heavy lehenga with loads of embroidery, it is recommended to go for a lehenga with minimal work and in right and vibrant shade that is soothing to the eyes does not feel heavy and can be worn for a longer period of time without feeling uncomfortable.

Opt for a light, waterproof and minimal makeup look

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It is a known fact that sweat can cause all the makeup to bleed and get smudged. It is no less than a nightmare even during regular days and if something of this sought happens to the bride during her wedding then it won't be less than any catastrophe. The best way to avoid it is by firstly opting for waterproof makeup and then by keeping makeup to a minimum without making the face cakey and popping.


Avoid embellished lehenga and go for natural fabrics

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Lehengas are all fabric and tend to be heavy but adding heavy embellishments to them can make it hard to carry and restrict movements. The best way to feel comfortable is by opting for a lehenga that is made up of natural fabrics like cotton, khadi, georgette, organza, etc. The lighter the fabric the more it allows air to pass and does not cause suffocation of feeling of being uncomfortable.

Avoid wearing loads of jewellery

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All the summer brides should know better than to wear layers and layers of jewellery. Ditch all your regular heavy jewellery pieces and try to accessorise yourself to a minimal level. Opt for two to three mini necklaces instead of being decked by heavy jewellery.

Skip heavy dupattas

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It is suggested to take one dupatta instead of taking various dupattas and instead of picking heavy dupattas select the one which feels light. Heavy dupattas just add more to the weight and feel uncomfortable. Single dupatta is easier to carry and does not cause hassle.


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