5 Ways To Redress Skin, Damaged Under Sun!!

5 Ways To Redress Skin, Damaged Under Sun!!

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By kashish on 01 Apr 2019
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With Summer season springing up so surprisingly and the unbearable heat along with it, it has become must to take proper actions protect one's skin from skin burns, tanning and other problems that come along with the heat and sun rays. Using sunscreen is just not enough to protect skin against the harsh glares of sun. Our skin is the biggest organ of our body and is prone to get even with the slightest raise temperature.  


We all have read at various places the methods to take prevention against sun and the ways to protect skin from getting burned or excessively tanned but we all know that those methods do not work every time and therefore we should also be aware with the ways we can repair and re-heal our skin that gets damaged due to sun and heat.

Take a look at some of the ways that can help you in saving your skin.


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Skin tends to get blotchy and uneven under sun. The longer it stays under sun the more it is damaged. The best to deal with uneven and blotchy skin is by exfoliating skin on regular basis and getting rid of all the dry skin cells. You can also use use mild skin cleanser and rub loofah all over to get rid of dead skin. The more you exfoliate the less chances of dead skin to pile up and cause break outs on the skin.


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Consume diet rich in anti-oxidants. The more vitamins you consume the faster and better your skin heals. All these vitamins and anti oxidants helps the skin to deal with uv radiations and sunburns. All the citrus fruits, mushrooms, salmon an help in repairing skin that gets damaged due to getting kissed by sun and its rays.

Skin Hydrate 

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As important as it is to drink water everyday to hydrate the body it is equally important to hydrate skin by using better moisturisers to lock all the moisture within the skin even under immense hot conditions. Regular use helps in collagen productions which saves the skin by healing its texture and keeping it healthy and smooth.


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When skin is over exposed under sun it tends to get discoloured and over a period of time brown spots also start forming on the skin. These spots and discolouration are hard to get rid off and the best way will be to lightly bleach the skin. Bleaching skin helps in balancing the skin colouring and getting rid of all the brown spots.


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The last but yet one of the most important thing to do is to pay a visit to your regular dermatologist and get your skin checked thoroughly. There are chances that cancerous cells are being produced under your skin and getting checkup from dermatologists can help in catching the trouble during its initial stage.




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