5 Important Hair Colour Mistakes You Should Avoid To Prevent Disastrous Hair Colour Emergency!!

5 Important Hair Colour Mistakes You Should Avoid To Prevent Disastrous Hair Colour Emergency!!

By kashish on 29 Mar 2019
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Hair maintenance is not a easy or simple task. No matter how many websites you look through, how many magazines you read or people you consult, at the end it all comes to end on the texture, colour, length of your hair along with your face cut, features and skin tone.  All your research and yet you end up being extremely confused and lost every time you pay a visit to your salon for some changes.  Hair colour is not suitable, hair cut is not complimenting your skin, hair colour makes you look white a sheet, hair texture is ruined?! Not a common problem, most of us has faced it.


The only way to solve all these problems is to know what are the basic things that you should keep in mind and avoid while getting your hair coloured instead of finding the list of things to do after getting your hair coloured because that list will be never ending and will end up making you feel even more lost than you already are.

Colour bleeding

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It is the situation when excess colour is applied over a small strip of hair which leads to the colour blending on to the other strands as well or when the foil is not placed properly and the colour ends up dripping all over your hair.

Colour placement 

When your colourist randomly highlights your hair and does not place the highlights strategically it makes your hair look weird and awkward.

Colour band


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Colour band is due to the fact when your colourist does not gradually start the colour from your roots to the tip and ends up colouring your hair from one level making it look like they are fake instead of being natural.

Choice of colour

Do not directly change your hair colour it will not only make you look awkward due to the sudden change but there are chances that the colour might not suit you. The best way is start from simple colouring options like balayage or ombre or highlights instead of making a drastic change.

Bleaching hair

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Over bleach can cause excessive damage to your hair. Avoid options for colours that might require bleach. If you have darker hair colour then go for two to three tone lighter shade instead of directly going for blond colour.




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