7 Clever Tricks That Every Makeup Artists Has Up Their Sleeve To Make You Look Pretty!!

7 Clever Tricks That Every Makeup Artists Has Up Their Sleeve To Make You Look Pretty!!

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By kashish on 29 Mar 2019
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Achieving a perfect glam look is not an easy task. It requires lots of knowledge about the right tones and shades along with steady hands to be able to do justice to the makeup look.  Most of us do makeup every day before leaving for college or office but the days when we get all dolled up for some special occasions like parties and events are rare. Occasions like those require special glam which takes hours and a lot more than no makeup makeup look. When getting ready for any occasion, the makeup requires to be on point that can compliment your beauty and get all eyes on you in positive way.


There is so much we can learn about makeup from various beauty websites, magazines and makeup bloggers but none can beat the amount of knowledge a professional makeup artists has. Professional makeup artists have vast knowledge not only about makeup but also about different faces and whats best for each of them. The clever tips and smart techniques they have stored up their sleeves can make even the plain Jane look no less than goddess herself. Take a look at some of the simple makeup tricks shared by various makeup artists that can help you in better glam up next time you get ready to attend any party of event.

Build your base slowly

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Instead of just using all the foundation at once, make use of foundation in small quantities and build it over your face slowly by blending it properly for the right amount of coverage. It will avoid your face from looking caked up. By doing this you will be able to maintain proper balance in your face and cover up all the pores, blemishes and pigmentations without over doing them.

Know your highlighting and contouring points

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It is extremely important for you to know the areas which are to be contoured and the areas which are to be highlighted. All the high points of your face like Cupid's bow, now, cheek bones, chin and centre of your forehead are needed to be highlighted whereas your jaw line, thesis of your temple, areas below your cheekbones must be contoured.


Use your fingers and brushes for blending

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Do not simply use brush or your fingers to blend the foundation or concealer in your skin. Make the use of your fingers first to blend the product into your skin properly and then use brush to make it look neat and settled.

Pick the right shades 

stylecrazePhoto from stylecraze

While purchasing your base makeup like foundations and concealer always make sure to match them with your skin tone. Instead of matching them on the back of your hand match them in your inner arm or with your jaw line, chin and neck to know if they are the perfect shade for you.

Say it with the brows

sazanmePhoto from sazanme


Do not shy away while doing your eyebrows. Build them dark and fine and let them be catchy. Use eye brow gel and brush to make eyebrows instead of using those hard eye brows available in the market. Eyebrow gel makes your eyebrow look as natural as possible.

Lift your eyes

lorealparisPhoto from lorealparis

The best way to make sure your eyes don't look droopy or tired, lift them up using some concealer. Apply a little amount of concealer on the side of your eyes and pat it gently to blend inside. It will also help in hiding the crow feet at the corner of your eyes.

Pick perfect pink

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Not every pink lipstick is going to compliment your complexion and makeup look. Therefore you need to pick the best tone of pink to suit your skin tone for the best look. For an instance, nude pink lipstick does not compliment people with dark skin tones.




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