How To Achieve Perfect Makeup Look Every Morning Within Few Minutes!!

How To Achieve Perfect Makeup Look Every Morning Within Few Minutes!!

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By kashish on 28 Mar 2019
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In the current era the lifestyle of every single person is pretty hectic and it rushes at quick pace. There is no time for people to sit and chill. Gone are the days when people used to sit together and enjoy the peace and tranquility. These days almost everyone is running around headless chicken trying to complete as much work as possible within limited period of time. People start rushing from the moment they wake up and don't stop till they are off to sleep. 


The hardest part in all this rush is take out enough time to get ready in the most appropriate manner. It is not easy for women to not only get themselves together but to also complete their makeup quickly before they leave for their office or college. It seems like the hardest task to do makeup early in the morning. Imagine doing contouring, bronzing, wing eye liner and eyebrows everyday in the morning, scary right?! It seems like in order to complete all these we will end up spending entire morning and won't be able to leave the house before noon. Wonder how great it will be if only we were able to complete the entire makeup every morning in just few minutes! Sounds like heaven, no?!

Well fret not, we totally understand the pain and horror and so we'd like to share a few simple tips and tricks that can help you in completing a beautiful makeup look every morning just in few minutes. Take a look.

Substitute your foundation with BB cream

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A Bb cream is extremely time saving and wonderful product. It gives sheer coverage and fresh look to face, hydrates the face and does not requires to be build like foundation. it is easy to blend into the skin within limited time.

Use spot concealing method

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Instead of using concealer in layers and having to build them for best effect, try to use spotting technique. Apply dots of concealer on the places that require it and dab them quickly with your fingers.

Use setting powder

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Set your makeup using setting powder and make it long lasting. Using setting powder will help in absorbing excessive oil from the skin and give it a mattify ing look and prevent the makeup from melting off.

Use two-in-one makeup products

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The best way to save your time is to use two in one makeup products. Various companies  produce makeup that can be applied as blush and gloss or as eyeshadow ad lip tint. Make use of those products. They are easy to blend and they save you time by preventing you the need to find the best complimenting blush to your lipstick and visa versa.

Use mascara

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Applying eye liner can take loads of time and requires concentration. Save your time by curling your lashes and making them look thicker and fuller  by applying coats of mascara over it.



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