5 Common Tricks To Make Your Hair Look Thicker!!

5 Common Tricks To Make Your Hair Look Thicker!!

By kashish on 28 Mar 2019
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Love is in the Hair!! Most of us will definitely agree on this quote. Hair can easily make or break our look. It is a task to get them to compliment our attire and makeup look. Not everyone has thick, bouncy and glossy hair. For people who like us have thin hair, it is a struggle to make them look gorgeous. There is no day when we don't think about the ways through which we can make them look thick and full of volume. 


It is common struggle that most of us go through. Not only bouncy and super thick mane look good but they definitely make a wonderful addition to our sex appeal. As sad as the condition of our hair is, the good news is the fact that we can make simple changes and make our hair look thick even if it for a time period of few hours. There are some clever and common tricks that can help us in bringing our plain old, dull and flat hair to life.

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Avoid Hydrating Conditioners

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As good and effective all these hydrating conditioners are they make the scalp greasy and cause the hair to stick together which makes them look flat instead of bouncy and fuller. Try to use conditioners which make your hair soft and glossy.

Curl 'em Up

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Make a routine to use velcro rollers for 15-20 minutes in your hair after blow drying to add high volume in your hair and make them look thick and curly.

Shampoo Right 

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Use stimulating shampoos that can liven up your hair. Do not forget to massage the shampoo well in your scalp as it will help in increasing the blood circulation on your scalp.

Blow Dry

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Always blow dry your hair with your hair upside down. The air directly hits your roots blowing air between the base of the hair making giving them volume and making them look fuller.

Dry Shampoo

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Dry shampoo is a miracle. Doing shampoo on regular basis 5robs hair from its natural oil and causes the hair to become dry, dull and flat. Dry shampoo helps in making hair bouncy and makes them look thick and heavy.




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