6 Best & Healthy Foods You Can Add To Your *Pregnancy* Diet

6 Best & Healthy Foods You Can Add To Your *Pregnancy* Diet

By Samprita on 30 Nov 2022
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Congratulations to all the women who are going to give birth to a new life in this world which of course means you are pregnant. And being pregnant brings a major change in your physical appearance as well as hormones with unquenchable cravings. Well, if no one has ever told you about it then it is more harmful to your body than doing any good to you. What you should include instead in nutritional food in your diet.


It is rightly said that women should eat more while they are pregnant since weight gain is a very critical aspect of pregnancy. Hence it is important that you eat a balanced diet rather than giving in to cravings that satisfy your overeating or just eating poor quality foods. All this is important because one needs to be sure that the additional calories going in the body are in the right form.

It is the mother's very duty to bring the child into the world in the healthiest shape and stay nutritionally fit for her own self and her little one. So let's guide you more on what to eat while you are pregnant for keeping you and your baby fit and fine!


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Intake of dairy products in your diet provides you with the required calcium and proteins, during all trimesters for fulfilling the needs of the growing foetus. Products like yoghurt, especially Greek yoghurt must be included because it is rich in probiotic bacteria that do a great job during pregnancy. Greek yoghurt also works for people who are lactose intolerant in general.


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To get that extra amount of proteins, vitamin D and choline you must have lots of eggs. The composition of the eggs is the former amongst which Choline is one of the most important ingredients required for the brain function of your child.


Sweet Potatoes

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It is rich in Vitamin A and beta carotene, which provides you with a feeling of fullness and doesn't increase your sugar levels and result in irregular weight gains.



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This fatty fish is stuffed with essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and Vitamin D3 that works wonders for your brain and helps in the eye development of the foetus.



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It is the source of high-quality protein and it is absolutely necessary for both the mother and the growing baby.

Green leafy veggies

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Vegetables that are dark green in colour are high in calcium and fibre, therefore, it is important to include them in your diet.


And here's a list of items you should definitely avoid while you are pregnant:



Consume > 300 mg of caffeine per day

Raw eggs

Raw seafood

Artificial sweeteners

Avoid eating too much at once in a meal

Avoid consumption of food items with string flavours

Drugs unless suggested by your doctor


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