5 Common Bad Habits That Prevent People From Loosing Weight!!

5 Common Bad Habits That Prevent People From Loosing Weight!!

By kashish on 26 Mar 2019
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We all love eating scrumptious meals and enjoy the burst of flavours on our taste buds. Italian, Mexican, Chinese, etc you name it and we  can eat it all. Who doesn't love enjoying yummy dishes every cuisine has to offer. While our heart, soul and taste buds enjoy the feeling of eating delicious food it is our body that takes revenge. All the careless eating and untimely meals leads us in gaining excess of weight which is neither good for our heart nor for energy levels. 


Gaining weight is the easiest part but loosing weight is an extremely difficult task. It requires discipline, self control and loads of will power. The task is so tedious that it can be frustrating at moments. Have you ever given a thought that why inspite of controlling your diet, working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle you still are not able to shed your weight! The reason is simple and very small. It is mostly due to the bad habits that we have developed over time and failed to pay them any attention or get rid of them.

Most of us develop some or the other habit which we are not conscious about and it causes us harm in some or the other form and even causes all our hardworking to go down the drain by preventing the body from shedding weight. Take a note of few of those habits that hinder your weight loss efforts and try to get rid of them.

Intaking liquid calories

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It is one of the biggest reason of why we are not able to loose weight inspite of all the efforts. It has become habit of people to consume liquid calories like soda, soft drinks, alcohol, shakes, etc type of drinks along with meal. All these liquids contain loads of sugar and carbonated air that causes bloating and gives body extra calories that we are not able to burn and they then turn into fats.

Instead of consuming all these sugary drinks develop. habit to drink a glass of lemon water or green the with your meals. They not only help in avoiding extra calories but they also detox the body and aid in digestion.

Skipping breakfast


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Most people tend to skip their breakfast in rush which is neither good for health nor beneficial for body. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it helps in boosting the metabolism. When people skip their breakfast, they don't have high energy levels and hunger pang causes them to consume random food items that might not be diet friendly.

Not drinking water

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Drinking water is extremely important as it helps all the body to function properly. Most people do not consume ample amount of water and it not only effects their health but it also prevents them from reducing weight. Drinking plenty of water helps in boosting energy levels in the body and it also avoids a person from over eating. drinking water aids in getting rid of all the toxins from the body which otherwise might cause various health issues and cause our internal organs to not function properly.


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It is suggested to always consume snacks in between the meals to boost energy levels and to avoid staying hungry. But the blunder is caused when people do not realise which snacks they have to consume and the right amount. Snacks are meant to be consumed only to gain energy and not to fill tummy and therefore they should not be over 200 calories. People end up consuming packets of crisps, box of chocolates, bowl full of nuts as their snack and end up consuming more calories than loosing them.


Consuming random meals

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When people consume last moment meals or random unprepared meals they tend to eat the wrong stuff. Meals should be pre-decided and should be prepared in advance. A healthy meal is constituted with right parts of carbs, protein, fibre and sugar for the best effect and healthy body on the hand last minute prep random meals are mostly junk food with calories enough to last for days.





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