8 Clever Tips That Will Help You In SUMMER-PROOFING Your Makeup!!

8 Clever Tips That Will Help You In SUMMER-PROOFING Your Makeup!!

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By kashish on 25 Mar 2019
Digital Editor

Summer is all about wonderful things. Cute summer wardrobe, classy hats, chilled sweet drinks, loads of ice cream and beautiful sun light that gives just the perfect opportunity to click sun kissed pictures. Everyone loves dressing up and going out with friends clicking lots of pretty pictures. Among all the fun and good things the only trouble that almost each one of us has to face is dealing with the intense heat and its effect on our hours of hard work i.e makeup.


As much fun as it sounds, harsh sunlight and intense heat has its own negative effects and one of the most important effect is on our skin and makeup. All the heat causes makeup to smudge and shift, the end result is that we turn into a puddle of cosmetics, grease and dust particles. These things are not at all good for our Instagram(LoL yeah) and skin. Take a look at some of the clever yet simple tips that will help you in clicking the best sun kissed selfies with your perfect makeup look.

Invest in primers and moisturisers

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You don't want greasiness on your skin during hot summers. Opt for oil free and water base moisturisers and use primers before starting with your makeup. Not only primers will make your makeup last long they will also prevent it from shifting.

Go for Bronze

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Summer is the season for you to become the bronze goddess you always wanted to be. Bronze out all the high points of your face like lips, nose, cheekbones, chin and forehead. Keep it simple and just bronze.


Don't Build the base

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Summer is not the season to go overboard and cake your face. Instead of building layers upon layers of foundation keep it down and go for natural or sheer coverage. You don't want your foundation to drip with your sweat neither will you like heaviness on your face which comes due to caking up the foundation.

Go for subtle illumination than glitzy glow

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Instead of highlight all your face or letting the greasiness take over your nose and area around go for natural illumination. Just use setting powder with light illuminating particles in it and you are good to go.

Keep it down

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Summer is the season of vibrancy and popping colours. Don't opt for dark lip shades or excessive warm colours. Simple lip tints, nude lipsticks or transparent gloss will do the magic.

Play with colours and pop it out

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It is the season to let loose and make merry. While using eye shadow do not shy away from experimenting and pop some good colours out. Tone your make up down using transparent glosses or simple lip tints and voila, you are ready top go.

Water proofing

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Make sure to use water proof makeup. It will save you from troubles of retouch every time you sweat and you don't have to think twice before jumping into pool.


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There are high chances of your face becoming storehouse of excess oil that skin produces under heat. Always carry bloating paper with you and get rid of all the excessive oil from your skin. Look fresh and fab every moment.



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