5 Simple Tips To Help You In Prepping Your *Hair* For Summer Season!!

5 Simple Tips To Help You In Prepping Your *Hair* For Summer Season!!

By kashish on 25 Mar 2019
Digital Editor

Summer is the season to showcase all the beauty within. It is the perfect season to let out all and show case the amazing beach body, long beautiful glossy tresses and cute summer wardrobe. Nothing can beat the happiness that one feels while enjoying great vacation on beach side while sipping some chilled ice tea. One of the most attention capturing thing are hair. Long, glossy and beautifully dyed hair that make you look even more attractive. It is a known fact that our hair require lots of tender love and caring all around the year but during summer season our hair require even more attention so as to not get damaged.


We all know summer is just around the corner and just the way we prep our body for the season, in the similar way we have to prep our hair to not only stay long and glossy but to also not get damaged under the harsh sunlight and intense heat.  Strong uv rays can do harm to our hair just the way they do to our body and so we have to prep our hair to prevent hair damage and breakage. Not only sun and heat but our own sweat can cause damage to hair. Take a look at few hair care tips that can help you in prepping your hair against the summer season. 

Get haircut

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Start your season by chopping off some locks. Get rid of all the damaged hair and split ends and allow your hair to grow healthy and strong. You might as well get them coloured and rock your vacation pictures with some great hair.

Invest in hats and caps

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Sun rays can cause damage to hair which often results in hair thinning, split ends and breakage. Buy yourself some hats and caps to protect your hair from the sun. Sun rays also tend to bleach your hair and causes your hair colour to fade and we would not want that now!


Buy some hair sunscreens

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Yes, you read correct. If you do not know then you must know that sunscreens for hair are also available in the market to prevent your hair from getting damaged. Invest in a b bottle our two and you can chill under the sun happily. They come n both spray and serum formula.

Mask your hair

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Make it a habit to use hair masks to hydrate your hair and make them stronger. You can use hair masks on weekly basis. It will prevent hair from getting damaged and will also make them strong top fight the sun and heat.

Put a hold on heat

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Refrain yourself from using blow dryers, flat irons or  curlers. They cause more harm than they are worth. They make your hair even more dry, brittle and sensitive to breakage.



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