Simple Remedies That Can Help You In Getting Rid of All The *Holi Colours* From Your Skin, Hair & Nails!

Simple Remedies That Can Help You In Getting Rid of All The *Holi Colours* From Your Skin, Hair & Nails!

By kashish on 22 Mar 2019
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Holi is one of the biggest celebrations of the year. It is so much fun to splash and pelt colours and water on each other. Everywhere eyes roam only vibrant colours are visible, making the energy high and everyone feels positive and happy. If that was not enough then it is hard to resist the temptations of enjoying the vast array of yummy food and thandai. Amongst all the fun and good time one thing that we all fail to pay attention to the fact that all the holi colour could cause extreme damage to our skin, hair and nails.


We all had our share of fun, enjoying the dips in the water, getting lost under the layers of vibrant colours and relishing all the salivating food. Now comes the hardest part and that is to get rid of all the colour from hair skin and nail without causing much damage to them. All the soap in this world is not enough to prevent the skin, hair and nails from getting damaged due to all the chemicals present in the colours.

In order to get rid of them, there are some home remedies that you must take into consideration and follow. Using simple natural products available in your home is mostly recommend rather than using different soaps and exfoliators because natural products are more beneficial and cause no harm to the skin. Take a look at the home you can get rid of all the colour from your body and stop looking like a walking and talking rainbow.


Sea Salt & Glycerine

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Mix together some glycerine, sea salt and oil of your choice and use it to get rid of all the stubborn colour sticking to your skin.

Multani Mitti


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Make a paste of Multani mitts and some orange juice. Apply the paste on your skin and let ir dry for about 15 minutes before washing it with cool water. This is best suited for people with oily skin as it is much prone to acne.


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Mix lemon juice and curd together and massage it gently across your skin before washing it off with cold water.

Lemon Juice

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Take few edges of lemon and rub them all over your skin for 15-20 minutes. Once it becomes dry, wash your skin with lukewarm water and voila, you will get your normal skin back in place of a rainbow.



Coconut Oil

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Apply the oil thoroughly to your scalp and hair and wait for 45 minutes before rinsing ten. Coconut oil nourishes the scalp and gets rid of all the colour from it.

Egg Yolk

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Apply egg yolk on your hair for 45 minutes and then wash it off with cold water and you will get rid of all the colour from your hair and scalp.

Castor Oil


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Castor oil not only gets rid of all the colour from hair and scalp it also nourishes them and forms a protective layer around your hair to prevent them from getting further damaged. Apply the oil and after 45 minutes you can rinse it using cold water.


Vinegar/Lemon Juice

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In order to get rid of all the colour from your nails, just immense them in a bowl full of lemon juice or vinegar and you can wash them off after two minutes.


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