10 Yummilicious And Unique Type Of *Gujiyas* You Should Try This Holi

10 Yummilicious And Unique Type Of *Gujiyas* You Should Try This Holi

By Samprita on 06 Mar 2023
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As you all would already know, Holi is the festival of colours, joy and yes lots of gujiyas to binge on! The delicious deep-fried, crescent-shaped sweet, laced with sugar syrup, filled with the good, old and traditional khoya.


Gives you an instant foodgasm right? Well, we have something that might make you drool even more. Presenting to you 10 different varieties of gujiyas that you can indulge in this Holi celebration.

Keep scrolling to take a look and don't forget to tell us which one you want to try immediately!

Bhaang Gujiya

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Holi is almost incomplete without bhaang and its perhaps the only time it is allowed in the general public for a festival. If you are bored of the bhaang in the original thandai version then give yourself a sweet treat break by adding bhaang along with a filling of khoya. Haina, different?


The Colourful Gujiya


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You can try these with any filling you like mawa, coconut or any other and add edible colours to the dough to make it look bright, attractive and rangeen just like holi. This may sound a bit weird to you, but trust us guys, it is super fun to enjoy the festival of colours in every sense.

Halwa Gujiya

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This is another interesting take on preparing gujiyas wherein you can use any sort of halwa like suji ka halwa, moong dal ka halwa or gajar ka halwa for the filling. Sounds crazy right, but this unusual type of gujiya is sure to win your tastebuds!


Jam Gujiya

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Just the thought of this combination of jam and gujiya surrounds your mind with sweetness. Well, tbh you can never have enough of these. This weird yet fascinating twist is the perfect thing to prove that jam isn't just meant for spreading on the bread.

Nutella Gujiya

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Nutella is the love of our lives and for people who are die-heart fans of Nutella, it goes with everything. And yes, don't be amazed, it can be used as a filling to enhance the flavours of the traditional holi dish by trying out this deadly sweetener in our refrigerators.

Chocolate Gujiya

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Chocolate is the solution to all our problems and you just cannot imagine a remake of the gujiyas for this Holi without chocolate. Pour some melted chocolate into the sweet dumplings and tweak the traditional recipe for a yummy makeover. Imagine gujiyas made with maida, filled with a mixture of khoya and chocolate chips is just enough to satisfy our never-ending desire for chocolates.

Mix Fruit Gujiya


Aishwarya EatsPhoto from Aishwarya Eats

If you are a health freak and look forward to giving the good-old gujiyas a healthy twist then you can opt for a filling made with a mixture of fresh fruits. Fruits will not only act as a natural sweet enhancer for the dish but will also provide you with a lot of nutrition. You can simply cut fruits or even bake them as per your choice for a crunchy and crispy layer on the outside and melting fruits on the inside.

Paan Gulkan Gujiya

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You can also try to give a touch of paan in your gujiyas by adding paan and gulkand for the filling. Getting the U.P and Bihar feels right? The aroma of the delicious gujiyas will make you want to eat them all day long.


Rabdi Gujiya

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Who doesn't know about this lip-smacking sweet dish? Rabdi in itself is a complete sweet tooth package and imagine it being combined with gujiyas for celebration. Fancy no? Rabdi enhances the taste of every sweet dish, be it jalebi or malpuas. Just dip the original gujiyas into rabdi and voila you have a perfect dish for the party.

Anjeer Gujiya

Sanjeev KapoorPhoto from Sanjeev Kapoor

Anjeer is a classic dry fruit popular for its natural sweetness and Anjeer gujiya is a dish that needs to be included in your exotic celebrations of Holi. Chopped dry fruits like almonds and cashew nuts with lots of anjeer to make a filling for the tasty new avatar.

Which one are you choosing this Holi?


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