#rangbarse: Give A Twist To All The Celebrations & GO *ORGANIC* This Holi

#rangbarse: Give A Twist To All The Celebrations & GO *ORGANIC* This Holi

By kashish on 19 Mar 2019
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Holi is just a day away and our the amount of buzz we feel for the festival cannot be contained. The festival of colours is one of the biggest celebrations all across the country. People get together and have fun time putting colours on each other and enjoying the amazing food. As good as playing with all those wonderful colours sounds, the fact that they are full of toxins and harmful cannot be denied. Our skin is our biggest organ and every year when we use all those toxic colour to play holi we cause severe damage to our skin and hair.


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All those vibrant and metallic colours are super attractive and super harmful. They cause extreme damage and should be avoided at all cost. Chemicals like copper sulphate, lead oxide, aluminium bromide, mercury sulphite are used to make these colours and they can be life threatening as well. The best solution to prevent our body, skin and hair from getting damaged is by using good old organic colours.

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Organic colours are made up of natural ingredients, they are safe for people of all age to play and they do not cause any form of damage to our hair and skin. Not only that, they are also eco friendly. Organic colours do not cause any harm to soil or water body. Neither do they seep inside the soil and make it toxic nor do they they release chemicals in water tank, river or lake. There are two ways to obtain organic and eco friendly colours. Either you can buy them from the Ayurvedic companies that sell organic colours or you can make them at home.

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It is extremely simple to make organic colours at home, All you will be needing is different fruits, vegetables and flowers. Take a look at how you can make all the wonderful organic colours at home.

Pink- To obtain pink colour just dry some roses and once dried you can blend them to turn them into powder form.


Red- Make use of red sandalwood to get red colour. They not only do not cause any harm, au contraire them act as a face pack for the skin, making it soft and radiant. If not red sandalwood you can use dry beetroot powder as red colour.

Blue- A little hard to obtain, blue is not available in nature. But you can use blue hibiscus or Aparajita to get deep, rich blue colour.

Yellow- You can get yellow by using turmeric. Herbal and skin friendly.

Green- You can obtain green colour by using dry grass. You can also use henna powder as a substitute to toxic green.



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