7 Basic Things Every Woman Must Do To Get *GREAT SKIN*

7 Basic Things Every Woman Must Do To Get *GREAT SKIN*

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By kashish on 19 Mar 2019
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Most of us crave and pray for one thing desperately and it is to have a beautiful, flawless and radiant skin. In order to fulfil our desire we invest in various expensive skincare and beauty products, use our face as an experiment for applying various home remedies and even follow the most absurd and illogical advices, but alas the only thing we achieve with all this not so pocket friendly experiments is more skin troubles. 


An old-age saying goes in the lines "You must learn to walk before you try to run", sits apt in this situation. Instead of going all out on splurging on various skin products and experimenting the best option is to start from simple and basic things that not only are pocket friendly but are easy to follow and  have instant affect. If only you are able to include few simple things to do here and there in your everyday routine, you will get a radiant and flawless skin as a result. Take a look at what all those basic things are that can help you getting beautiful skin.

Change your pillowcases regularly

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Make it a habit to change your pillowcases on regular inverts. They might look clean but pillowcases tend to become store house of dirt, residual makeup, dead skin cells, saliva, bacteria and hair. These things result in causing breakouts on the skin along with other skin issues.

Clean your cellphones

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Your cellphone is the breeding area for germs and bacteria. You carry it everywhere with yourself and leave it on random desks and places and so the chances of them being the storehouse of skin problems;ems is obvious. Make a routine to clean your cellphone every night and do not stick them to your face when you are on a call. Keep them a little away from your face to avoid the transfer of germs and bacterias.


Always remove makeup before going to bed

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If there are any skincare commandments then this tops them all. Always remove your makeup before you go to sleep. Leaving makeup on face before sleeping is like giving invitation to multiple skin problems. Make up tends to clog all the pores in skin and cause breakouts. It causes rashes, inflammation and make skin hyper sensitive. Use makeup removers or your regular moisturiser to get rid of all makeup then wash your face properly and apply moisturiser before you hit your bed.

Use sunscreen and face cream everyday

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It should be a crime to leave house without moisturiser and sunscreen. Always remember to apply moisturiser followed by sunscreen before leaving the house every single day. By not doing so you are making your skin vulnerable to harmful effects of sun rays. It will burn your skin and cause it to become extremely dry and flakey.

Don't fidget with your skin

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It seems that most of us have a common habit of fidgeting without skin. Every time there is some flakey skin, pimple, acne or bruise; we tend to fidget with it continuously and it results in skin peeling out and scar. No matter how hard it is, it is important to get rid of this habit. Allow all the breakouts to settle by themselves and dry skin to peel off by its own. Every time you touch or fidget with it, you tend to transfer the germs and bacteria from your hand to your face which can be even more harmful for your skin.

Avoid binge eating

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Now you will think why binge eating is harmful for skin? The answer is simple. All the sugar, gluten and carbs effect your skin. All the sugar molecules from these food items tend to stick to the skin cell and malformed them and boost the breakdown of the collagen. It results in excessive oil production and frequent breakouts on the skin.

Exfoliate weekly

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Make it a rule to exfoliate your face every weekend. It helps in getting rid of all the dead skin cells along with dirt and cleanses the face giving it glass like glow.



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