7 Clever Tips To *Lose Weight* Without Dieting & Workouts!!

7 Clever Tips To *Lose Weight* Without Dieting & Workouts!!

By kashish on 18 Mar 2019
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Life is hectic for every person. People are always busy running around from one place to another like headless chicken trying to do as much work as possible within limited period of time. When life is in such a rush it is common for the diet to go stray and people end up consuming random meals at most random time without giving second thoughts to their health or nutrition. All of this binging results in weight gain and body fat.


It is not wrong to be healthy but it is wrong to be over weighted. Being over weighted can result in various health and mental issues that can cause serious damage. During the situations like these the only option is to loose excessive weight and try to become healthy. Back to square one, the question is how to loose weight in such a hectic schedule where there is not enough time to breathe let alone go to gym to workout or prepare diet meals to consume them? The answer is this question is to follow some clever tips that can help in reducing weight without having to go to gym or borderline starve yourself in the name of diet.
Refrain from liquid calories

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A person consumes most calories from the drinks he intakes. Most of drinks  we love to relish have high level of sugar and are  carbonated. High in calories they have no nutritional value. The carbonation is the reason of bloating and when the calories that we consume through these drinks are not consumed by the body they turn into fat and increase weight and body fat. Therefore it is suggested at most time to consume lemon water with meals instead of sugary drinks.

Consume fibre

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One of the biggest benefit of consuming fibre rich food is the fact that they keep you fulfilled. It reduces large food intake and aids in weight loss.Viscous fibre is a type of fibre that forms gel into stomach and keeps the tummy filled. It also aids in keeping diegestive system healthy.

Reduce portion size


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As we said before you don't have to starve yourself or control yourself from enjoying your favourite type of dish to reduce weight. The only thing you should keep in mind while consuming food is to keep the portion size small. When on normal days you used enjoy 4 slices of pizza try and consume no more than 2 slice now. This way you get to enjoy your favourite food and still keep your junk and carbs intake in check.

Do not skip breakfast

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and under no circumstance you should miss it. Always consume breakfast as it keeps your stomach full for longer period of time and gives you more than enough energy to run all day long without feeling weak.

No midnight snack

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The biggest blunder anyone can do is to con some food after 9 o'clock. It is important to note that no food should be con summed after nine because the only thing we do after eating at night is to go to sleep and all the calories we consume do not get the chance to burn and they end up becoming unwanted fats in our body.


Stay hydrated

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Drinking loads of water is must. Water not only flushes out all the toxins from the body but it also  makes skin glow and reduces the chances of consuming extra larger portions of food. Make a habit to drink a glass full of water before every meal and you will see the difference.

Eat lots of protein

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Protein is extremely mandatory if you want to lose some weight. Protein keeps the stomach full for longer period of time and reduces the chances of calorie intake. Protein helps in building muscles and staying fit. Consuming protein helps in restriction the calories in take and makes body leaner and healthy.



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