Humanity Above All: Sikhs Offer Support To Victims' Families Of New Zealand Mosque Attack

Humanity Above All: Sikhs Offer Support To Victims' Families Of New Zealand Mosque Attack

By Samprita on 18 Mar 2019
Senior Digital Editor

The terror attack on two mosques on 15th March, Friday in Central Christchurch has sent a wave if despair across the nation. The terror attack claimed at least 50 lives of innocent people and many were injured, the horrifying incident has shaken New Zealand.


New Zealand is considered one of the safest countries in the entire world. Until Friday, the biggest mass shooting in the country took place almost three decades ago. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern addressed this attack as one of the darkest days in the history of New Zealand and announced that the gun laws will change now. Meanwhile, this traumatising event, a 28-year-old Australian citizen, was put behind bars until the next hearing on April 5.

Prayers from different parts of the world have poured in for the victims and the families suffering from pain. People across the world are rallying together to support the victims affected by the shooting attack at the mosque. Amidst this, the Sikh community in New Zealand is doing their best to help their Muslim brother in their rough times.

Guru Nanak's Free KitchenPhoto from Guru Nanak's Free Kitchen

An NGO in Auckland, Guru Nanak's Free Kitchen which is involved in various other human welfare activities, is doing their bit of welfare in every way possible.


Later, responding to the request of a Muslim representative, the Guru Nanak's Free Kitchen asked volunteers to take a step forward to help the Muslim community in Christchurch by providing langar, free transportation, funeral services and organising religious prayers for people attending the funerals.



Later, the Sikh community thanked everyone for the extended support they received and wrote: "Please feel free to connect us with other organisations or individuals that are seeking to provide support to those on the ground in Christchurch." They also added in another post, "Thank you for your overwhelming responses to our calls for help. In our unity we find strength and WE stand at the ready to provide the support needed to those affected in Christchurch. GNFK will keep you updated wherever possible.

Picture Credits- Facebook Page of Guru Nanak's Free Kitchen

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