3 Major *Makeup Trends* For Year 2019 That You Should Know!!

3 Major *Makeup Trends* For Year 2019 That You Should Know!!

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By GirlStyle on 14 Mar 2019

We are half way through the 3rd month of the year and most of us have noticed how subtly there have been changes in beauty trends for the year. It is common for fashion and beauty trends to change every year and this year is no different. Beauty is not only the result of proper skincare but also with makeup. There are some or the other makeup trends that emerge in the market, become a raging trend and then dissolve due to the emergence of new trend.

Fashion and makeup go parallel. Until last year people could not get over the trend of heavy makeup look with matt lips, this year the equation is quiet different. Makeup trends in 2019 are all about sheerness, glow and gloss. Yes, you read just the right thing. The trend of glossy lips is back with a bang. Gone are days when you have to struggle with the dryness on your lips due to matt lipstick.

Well, it is not only the makeup trend you should be looking out for. Take a look at some more makeup trends that are going to stay and rule all year long.

Subtle Is Enough

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This year is all about going sheer and subtle way with your makeup looks. You don't have to build a heavy makeup base to catch attention. Amp up your skincare routine and rock with natural glow. Top your super glossy skin with sheer coat of foundation that gives natural look and you are ready to rock and roll. Make you makeup base as dewy as possible.

Pop A Few Colours

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2019 is going to be a colourful year. Why so? Because colours makeup everything and every look amazing. Compliment your glowing skin and super dew makeup base with pop of colours by using colourful eyeliners, coloured mascaras and lip tints. A little blush also won't harm.

Glowing Face

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There is no such thing as too much bling. The more you glow the more you can blind the world!! Hahahaha, Just Kidding. Make sure to include some and by some we means loads of vitamin C in your skincare routine to get radiant looking skin. Then top your radiant skin and dewy makeup with loads of illumination. Do not shy away from using highlighters. Just allow your highlighter to work its magic and give you magical glow!


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