6 Simple Hairstyles Inspo That You Can Make Under 5 Minutes!!

6 Simple Hairstyles Inspo That You Can Make Under 5 Minutes!!

By kashish on 13 Mar 2019
Digital Editor

There are days when our hair do not support us at all and look like a tropical forest instead of fashion crown. Those days are hard enough and it takes hours to handle messed up hair. Well, if that wasn't enough then the constricted time limit kills us. It is common that the day you have bad hair is the day you end up being in rush to be on time.


Being in rush means there is no time for blow dry, elaborate hairstyles or being able to set hair. During the situations like these the best and the only option is to make some easy and simple hairstyles that not only look extremely cute but can be done within minutes without much efforts and time. Those hairstyles not only are classic but they can also make you look absolutely pretty and ready to rock and roll!

Take a look at some of those days hairstyles, who know you might get some inspiration for your rush day.

Sleek Pony

fmagPhoto from fmag

Messy Bun

pinterest Photo from pinterest

Side Braid


lovethispicPhoto from lovethispic

Half Updo

camilliestylesPhoto from camilliestyles

Low Bun

thevaultfilesPhoto from thevaultfiles

Crown Braid

thewonderforestPhoto from thewonderforest



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