5 Super Easy Hacks For *Oily Hair* If You Don't Have The Time To Shampoo!

5 Super Easy Hacks For *Oily Hair* If You Don't Have The Time To Shampoo!

By GirlStyle on 12 Mar 2019

Well, just think it as one of those days when you woke up late and you don't have the time to shampoo and condition hair like you usually do for your hair care routine.  And, your hair feels extremely dirty and greasy, so what do you do? There are only two options you are left with at the end, either you can call it quits or you can just wash your hair and show up late at work once again. Or the worst of all, you can wash it because you have no option, sit and crib later that you will fall sick.

Well, what if we say that we are here to help and we will give you other options that you can rely on except these three! We have got our hands on some tried and tested oily hair hacks that can be your saviour when you have no time to shampoo your hair.


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Dry shampoo

The Coveteur
Photo from The Coveteur

Thanks to contemporary times and the evolution of beauty throughout these years, we now have a handy wonder product that is specially designed for days when you cannot wash your hair. You can now keep a bottle with you whenever and wherever you need and use it to make your hair look fresh and clean. Spritz it all over your hair, especially the roots and massage it in and see the magic!


Wash JUST the front and sides

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If you have even a little time left and you can quickly wash the front and sides of your hair then go ahead and do it in the sink. These are the areas which majorly result in making your hair look oily. Don't forget to follow up with a little conditioner and then blow dry. We bet it will make your hair look like it has just been washed.


Blow dry

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Confused? Yes, it is as simple as running a blow dryer throw your mane to get rid of all the oil building up in your roots. This quick step will also help you to style your hair the way you like. You can spritz some sea salt texture spray on your hair after you are done with blow drying to add some shine and smoothness to your gorgeous locks.


Braids on the go!

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A simple and easy to make loose braid can help you get through the rough oily hair day. If you are not washing your hair then go ahead with the same texturising spray to make it look shiny and clean and braid it to make your hair look effortless and casual.


Baby Powder

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Baby powder is quite an old trick that a lot of girls still swear by on unwashed hair days. And, not to lie but it still works for many of us. Apply some baby powder to the roots of your hair to give it a bouncy effect and it will also help in absorbing the extra oil from your hair and scalp. Don't forget to massage the baby powder well in your hair to get rid of the white residue in your hair. You want to remove the grease and not rock the salt and pepper look on the streets.

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