7 Important Tips Every Bride-To-Be Must Be Aware About While Purchasing Her Bridal Jewelleries!!

7 Important Tips Every Bride-To-Be Must Be Aware About While Purchasing Her Bridal Jewelleries!!

By kashish on 12 Mar 2019
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Jewellery is an integral part of every woman's attire. It completes the entire look and makes women look even prettier. No bridal look can be complete without exquisite set of jewellery that add glamor to her entire bridal look. Jewelleries are important part of wedding trousseau and they make the bride look ethereal and dazzling.


Jewelleries are close to every woman's heart and therefore it is important that right pieces of jewelleries should be selected for the wedding functions. There are various points that brides to be should look out for while purchasing her bridal jewellery so as to avoid making any kind of blunder that can cause her to look not so good on her D-day. Take a look.

Buy detachable jewellery

These days you can easily get jewellery pieces that can get detached easily. They are a rage among all the brides today because of the fact that wedding jewellery is heavy and by being able to detach them, the same jewellery can be worn by bride during other occasions as well instead of just keeping it in the locker.

Match jewellery according to wedding functions

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Every wedding function has different colour scheme and theme and therefore buy jewellery according to every function's theme. For healed, the brides mostly opt for floral jewellery pieces while for engagement functions they prefer simple and delicate diamond sets.

Avoid colourful jewellery pieces


Since bridal outfits are already full of heavy work and bright colours, it is mostly recommended to buy regular jewellery rather than colourful pieces. Colourful jewellery will make the entire look messy and there are high chances that instead of looking gorgeous you might end up look walking rainbow!

Purchase all the jewellery pieces

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All the jewellery pieces are important. From something as small as toe rings to waist chains, amulets. matha patti, etc. Do not skip any piece. each and every piece is important and together they can make you the prettiest bride ever seen by anybody.


Do not go overboard

It is important for every bride-to-be to remember to not go overboard with her choices and purchases. Being uncomfortable or in pain due to jewellery is not even the last thing any bride will want  specially on the most important day of her life. Therefore it is suggested that brides-to-be should try their jewellery before hand to make sure that no piece is heavy or uncomfortable or is cutting through the skin causing irritation.


Match your jewellery with your bridal outfits

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It is suggested to make sure that all the jewellery pieces are compliment the bride's all outfits. The first step is to finalise the outfits for all the wedding functions and the second task is to make sure that all your jewellery compliments your outfits instead of making it look awkward.

Order in advance

Make sure to order your jewellery in advance instead of waiting for last moment. Sometimes it takes time and preparations in advance to get jewellery ready and you don't want to settle for something else because you ordered the jewellery just weeks before your wedding.



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