4 Amazing Tips To Click Celebrity Worthy Sun-Kissed Selfies!!

4 Amazing Tips To Click Celebrity Worthy Sun-Kissed Selfies!!

By kashish on 07 Mar 2019
Digital Editor

It is an art to be able to capture beautiful pictures specially when they are in relation to nature. There is something special and ethereal about sun kissed pictures that makes them look even more gorgeous. Sun kissed pictures look so serene and timeless, like capturing essence of the nature itself. Almost every person loves clicking their pictures bathed in warm and natural sunlight that makes them glow and look even more radiant.


Sun kissed pictures without any doubt look magical. They can be extremely tricky to click though. It is not an easy tasks to be able to capture a perfect sun kissed picture without proper knowledge or some clever tips. While clicking a beautiful sun kissed picture what you look for is, a warm and halo like selfie not an awkward, squint and shadow like picture. It is not an easy task to be able to find the right balance for a perfect picture. 

Take a look at some of the simple but extremely effective tips that can help you clicking perfectly magical sun kissed selfies every time and you can thank us later.

Right Angle

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Angles are extremely important. Though it might take some time but it is important to find the right angle. Take your time , shuffle around, move camera and your keep on changing your posture until you find the perfect angle that will help you in capturing your best shot.

Peak Hours

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Make use for the time when sunlight is at its best. You might have to get up early in the morning during sunrise, wait for sunset or even click pictures when sun is at its best during afternoon. Make the most of the natural golden hue that sunlight provides and make your selfies look warm and ethereal.

Back Light

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You can be a little clever and apply some science to click the best selfie. Turn your back towards the sun and turn sideways so that only a little part of your face is basked in golden glow of the sun and click selfies. It will prevent the sunlight from hitting your face directly and you won't get awkward squinting selfies instead of Instagram worthy image you were aiming for.


Use Flash

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No matter how strong the sunlight it is, always make sure to use extra flash light for the best effect and gorgeous selfie. Flash helps in illuminating the dark points where sunlight is not hitting on your face and gives that extra dreamy glow. Flash will also help in making your highlighter give that extra pop.



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