2018 Style Guide: Types of Necklaces You Should Own

2018 Style Guide: Types of Necklaces You Should Own

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By Shivani Yadav on 22 Aug 2018

Every girl loves accessorizing be it rings, earrings or bracelets and while we will talk about them in detail too, in this particular post, let's just focus on part only. Necklaces.


Many of you may not know but there are many types of them, all of them equally necessary for a serious fashion lover. In this list, we shortlisted to just 5 to make things easier and simpler. You can understand what role they play for you and whether they will suit you or not. Let's get on with it then!


A right kind of choker can arguably work for any outfit. Be it a sexy strapless dress of a traditional bridal lehenga, any girl can work those jewels effortlessly.

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Collar Necklace

Collar necklaces are a go-to for strapless and boat-necklines. And they are easily accessible too. Nearly all the high-street brands have collar necklaces in variety of designs. They will even look cool with a party top!


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Princess Necklace

This is probably the most common type of necklace and would be perfect for traditional wear specifically sarees. They don't always have to be heavy too. So, if you want to wear one with a kurti, get a lighter one!

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Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces demand attention to your look and they are most of the kind, the show-stopper. So, if you're feeling lazy or adventurous (it kind of depends on person-to-person), go for a relatively simple ensemble and pair it all with an eye-catching statement neckpiece. You'll definitely make all the heads turn.

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Temple Necklace

Temple jewelry originated somewhere around 9th century. It was used to decorate Gods and Goddesses in temples. Traditionally, they are made of finest gold and embedded with precious stones. So naturally, they will look ethereal anyway.

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