4 Tips That Can Help In Boosting The Growing Speed Of Your Nails!!

4 Tips That Can Help In Boosting The Growing Speed Of Your Nails!!

By kashish on 01 Mar 2019
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Even though they do not seem as one of the most important part of our body, nails do play an important role. Nails are one of the most important indicator of overall health of a person and condition of the body. As shock as you might be after reading this, it is truth. Our nails are made up with the several layers of hard protein called keratin which is also found in our hair.


Healthy nails are the sign of healthy body and they look smooth, hard, of consistent colouring and without dents. If you are one those people who have slow of average growth of nails then, understand that your body might not be as healthy as you think. Most people want their nails to grow longer faster because long nails make the hands look more petite delicate and beautiful. The issue is when you realise that the growth of your nails is not as fast you  want, but do not worry, we have a list of simple things that you can do to most the seed of the growth of your nails.


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It is important to groom your nails well if you want them to grow fast. Grooming nails makes the nails strong, hard and smooth. Avoid biting your nails, do not keep your hands and nails wet for longer period of time, always moisturise your hands and nails using oils or hand creams and last but not the least always chip your nails properly and soften the sharp edges using a nail filer.

Nail hardeners

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Nail hardeners are a kind of nail liquors that are transparent in colour and are applied in the same way as the nail polish and are removed the same way as the nail polish. They help in forming a protective hard layer of the nails that prevents the nails from breaking.


Avoid toxic nail paints and artificial glue on nails

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Avoid using nail paint that have hush chemicals in them as they can discolour your nails and make they weak. It is suggested to use nail colours that have water base. Also make a rule to avoid using the artificial stick on nails that are attached on top of the natural nails using a glue. It is said that nail sticking glue makes the nails weak and they become breakable easily.

Consume biotins

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Biotin is a vitamin B kind of supplement that helps in making nails and hair strong. Consuming biotin on regular basis helps the nails to grow fast and stay healthy. You can find biotin in food items like-soy, eggs, nut and nut butters, whole grains, mushrooms and bananas.



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