4 Ways To Salvage & Use Your Broken Makeup Products!!

4 Ways To Salvage & Use Your Broken Makeup Products!!

By kashish on 21 Feb 2019
Digital Editor

Not all nightmares are made up of ghosts or demons some nightmares come in the form of broken eyeshadow palettes, broken lipsticks, dry eyeliner pencils, etc.  Yes, these are terrible and unimaginable nightmares that no makeup junkie ever wants to go through. But not all times thing are under our control and we end up with broken lipsticks and smashed palettes.


According to an ancient proverb, "When an eyeshadow breaks, a kitten dies", while we are not sure if it actually happens but one thing we are sure about is the fact that with every broken makeup product it hurts equally bad. As we all know that with every problem comes the solution and so it's high time that instead of crying over spilled milk, in our case broken makeup why not make the best out of ruined. Because we feel and totally understand your pain, we thought about sharing some of the best tips and ways you can easily salvage your broken makeup products, take a look.

Broken Lipstick- Lip Balm

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Scoop all lipstick that broken and melt it, Then add twice the quantity of petroleum jelly and some coconut oil and melt them together while mixing them. Once properly mixed, pour the mixture into any small container and voila, your lip balm is ready to be used.

Dry Pencil Eyeliner- Gel Eyeliner

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Do not fret it your old pencil eyeliner got dry and lost its pigmentation. You don't have to throw it away. Sharpen your pencil eyeliner and then use blow dryer to heat the tip for few seconds. Allow it to cool down before using it and you will get that soft, pigmented and super intense gel eyeliner effect.


Broken Eyeshadow- Colourful Nail Polish

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Broken your favourite eyeshadow, don't worry and simply make a nail paint with it. You can wear your favourite eyeshadow not on your nails. Take your broken eyeshadow and use tweezers to turn them into fine powder. Pour all the powdered eyeshadow powder into the lipstick and shake it well until mixed. Your new nail paint is ready to be used.

Broken Pressed Powder-Tinted Moisturiser

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Broke your pressed powder! No worries, just crush it more until it becomes fine powder and mix it with your regular moisturiser. You will get a beautiful tinted moisturiser to use.



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