5 Benefits Of Red Wine That Will Inspire You To Pour A Glass For Yourself Cause *Wine Not*?

5 Benefits Of Red Wine That Will Inspire You To Pour A Glass For Yourself Cause *Wine Not*?

By Samprita on 18 Feb 2019
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We know this might sound a little weird to you, but without the fear of being judged, we are going to admit the fact - there's surely something about having a glass of red wine in your hand! It makes you feel like the classiest girl in the room. You might be sipping some on with your meal or probably swaying back and forth but nevertheless, it relaxes our mind and makes us happy as if we are living a good-good life.

Wine is the centre of happiness and no matter how wannabe you think it is, it can be good for your physical health if consumed in moderate amounts. No wonder why the elite are pouring themselves a glass of wine and celebrating while they sip on the colour of love. Isn't it empowering in a way that you too feel all fancy and stuff?

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Given that we have just passed the second week of February, we thought we would share some health benefits of drinking wine in moderate amounts so that you can buy yourself one for the coming weekend! Or if you are looking for an excuse to have a glass, just in case, then let's get straight to the point. We bet you, this is the only decision you won't regret!

#1 It is a great antioxidant

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Red wine is full of antioxidants that help in attacking free radicals that are extremely harmful to your body. These radicals can further cause cancer and other serious diseases in your body.


#2 Boosts your immune system

While having a glass of wine, is no excuse for you to skip your daily multivitamins and your nutritious food, including some red wine in your diet can help you get through the day. Red wine can help you to get rid of infections and gives your immunity a power-packed kick start.


#3 Reduces the risk of stroke


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Well, if you are a wine lover or if you have heard someplace or the other then red wine is very good for your heart's health. It can help you in more than one way like it prevents blood clotting by acting as a natural blood thinner and breaking down any lumps that could further lead to a stroke or a heart attack.


#4 It improves the functioning of your brain

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Well, we know this one is hard to believe but it is true! Wine helps in improving the cognitive functions of the brain because of the chemicals present in it. The ingredients present in wine prevent our brain's neurons from dying. This, as a result, protects us from health problems like Alzheimer's, cataract, liver damage and depression.


#5 Promotes longevity of life

If the rest of the points were not enough of a reason to try some magical wine for a healthy living then this one has to. Red wine helps you to live longer, yes you read it correctly! Researchers at Harvard have proven it in a study based on red wine, that it activates a protein in your body that acts as an anti-ageing agent.

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