2 Quick & Hassle-Free Ways To Fix Broken Makeup Products!!

2 Quick & Hassle-Free Ways To Fix Broken Makeup Products!!

By kashish on 18 Feb 2019
Digital Editor

The worst nightmare any makeup lover could ever go through is broken makeup products. The thought of broken lipsticks, makeup palettes, blushes, etc is a horrid nightmare for all the makeup enthusiast all over the world. Makeup is not cheap, it comes at high prices and less quantity which makes us want to savour until the very end but when god is not on our side or our clumsiness acts up, the results are broken and smashed makeup products. It is not only makeup products that get smashes but along with it our hearts also shatters for all the money spent on that makeup product. 


The first more important rule related to makeup should be to store them in best and the most secure places to keep them out of harms ways but since we all know it is not possible the second best solution will be to know how to fix the broken products. To prevent all the money we spent on makeup going in a drain and to prevent mourning the new blush or expensive lipstick, take a look at few easy tips through which you can fix your broken makeup and make them as good as new.

Broken Lipstick

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Nothing can be as bad a broken lipstick. But fret not, you can easily fix it using a lighter or a match stick. Just heat the broken ends a little and then bring them together to fuse. Let your lipstick stay like that for a while and then you can use it.

If your lipstick is broken badly then the second way to use it will be by scooping it all out from the holder along with the broken part and put them in a small different pot and use it with lip brush.

Broken Blush/ Eyeshadow

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Do not fret if you ended up dropping your favourite eyeshadow or blush, you can fix them just as easily. Collect all the scattered blush/eyeshadow in a paper and make powder of it properly. The next step it to put back the entire makeup in it's original pot in addition to few drops of rubbing alcohol solution. Thirdly, mix the makeup and solution together and press them into a pan using clean tissue or blotting paper. Allow it to settle for few hours and the it will be ready to use.


In the exactly similar way you can fix your eyeshadow palettes, bronzers, highlighters, etc

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