5 Clever Tricks To Get Beautiful Curls Without Using Hot Irons!!

5 Clever Tricks To Get Beautiful Curls Without Using Hot Irons!!

By kashish on 15 Feb 2019
Digital Editor

There is nothing in saying that "Love is in the hair". No look can be completed without a complimenting hairstyle. Straight hair, wavy hair, crimped hair, curly hair, etc there are so many styles to pick from. But nothing beats the beautiful and ever classic curls. They are the hottest trend to follow and you will frequently see some or the other B-town diva sporting those glamorous curls.


Even though the curls are gorgeous, achieving them is not an easy task. It takes hours and can be quite painful process if you are not careful. There are high chances that you might burn yourself up with hot curling irons or burn your hair. Other than getting burned, hot rods also damage our hair excessively. But it is the time you out all your worries of getting burned or damaging your hair on hold, because we will share with you some simple and amazing ways to curl your hair without using hot rods. Take a look

Make braids

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Divide your hair into different small sections and make braids out of them. Leave them over night and voila, next morning you will have beautiful curly hair.

Buns for waves

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Want some sexy looking beachy waves? The best way is to wet hair and then divide them into two. Then make two buns on the top of the head and leave them for as much time as possible. As soon as you will open the buns, you will have beautiful wavy hair.


Use old t-shirts

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Cut down your old t-shirt into strips and twist them individually with hair portions and knot them at the end to prevent the twist from getting opened. Leave them to rest over night and next morning when you will open the knots and take the t-shirt out, you will beautiful curls.

Headband curls

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To get beautiful outer curls all you need to do it to wrap your wet hair section by section all around the hair band. Pin the up the smaller sections that can come out of the hair band and let it set for dew hours. As soon as you will remove the hair band you will have beautiful outer curls.


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In order to get some messy and funky curls, you need to divide your hair into various small sections. After that make small tight buns with those hair sections and pin them tightly. It might pull your scalp a little but the beautiful mass of curls you will get will totally be worth it.


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